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Digital Media Content Development - - Speech or Presentation Example

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DIGITAL MEDIA Reason for Choosing Digital Content There has been a move toward digital content mainly in the publishing and entertainment field because of the ease of distributing content in a digital shape…
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Digital Media Content Development -
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Download file to see previous pages 9). It covers endless topics, and as the more educators add their lectures, will become more resourceful. There are several reasons for selecting digital content. First, digital content can be transported conveniently. For example, rather than carrying a load of reading material and other necessary documentation from place to place, all the data can be viewed in a digital space. Teachers can carry single gadget to access all their teaching material through Second, there can be additional contact with reading materials. With this digital content, links to websites, video streaming, and other multimedia can be inserted for a better and interactive reading experience (Hedberg, p. 8). Teachers can connect with the content in a way that is best for them, whether they want to do some reading, listen to music watch the audio-visual material. Third, it is a lot more convenient to modify digital content as compared to printed content. For example, earlier people have to buy a complete book eve if they want to read only a specific section. This was expensive as well as unproductive. Although there is an alternative of custom publishing, but it also has some related expenses and restrictions (McHenry et al, p. 734). With digital content, publishers can provide readers with the choice of different materials to collect modified content without difficulty and at a much lesser cost. Moreover, changes can be done to a text promptly and latest versions can be released instantly. Fourth, the digital content has a negligible carbon footprint as compared to published material. For example, the effect that printing has on trees and the effect that transportation physical goods has on atmosphere. Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Content Advantages One can fine a number of educational videos on TED-Ed video library and many of these are the result of teamwork between capable teachers selected through the TED-Ed platform. Looking for the precise topic “is a breeze” (Hsiung & Juo-Lien, p. 85) with digital content when compared with going through many pages of a book and reading every word to find the relevant material or topic. Educators can design personalized lectures in accordance with the interests and preferences of their students instead of being compelled to teach from one or two books only. They can further include multimedia files in their lessons to make the learning experience more productive. Storage of digital content is a lot easier as compared to the storage of traditional printed books, cassettes, etc. TED-Ed platform further allows teachers to get any helpful instructive video and conveniently prepare a modified lesson around the video. Teachers can then share these lessons and also check their effect on the while class or on an individual student. Disadvantages Educational material in the digital shape involves the utilization of additional technology to “access, read and modify” (Nicholas et al, p. 199). This technology may not be commonly obtainable because of several limitations, and even if obtainable, may not be utilized by everybody due to lack of training as well as accessibility. The legitimacy of academic material can be put to question except that there is an infallible method to recognize the sources and ascertain their authenticity. Data is just as important as its source, and when this source is suspicious, the data can be considered as insignificant. Therefore, except that the data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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