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Scholarly Journal Review - Essay Example

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Introduction Here the attempt is to analyze a scholarly journal which is on the subject of academic freedom. The journal chosen for analysis is “The Social Significance of Academic Freedom” by William. G . Tierney and Vicente M. Lechunga. Here the main subject is student’s rights and responsibilities and academic freedom is a main concept involved in this…
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Scholarly Journal Review
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Extract of sample "Scholarly Journal Review"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper the journal selected will be studied completely to understand its major ideas and concepts. The articulation, the strengths and weakness and structure of writing will be interpreted on. The topic will be compared and contrasted to understand its significance. The main intention is to study the concept of academic freedom more deeply and clearly. How the journal article has been useful in explaining the subject will be a part of the analysis. The synthesis and richness of the article will be contemplated on. As per ( Warwick,2011) “Writing a strong researched paper requires the ability to synthesis or combine elements of several sources to help you make a point “The relation of the topic to my personal and professional career will also be part of the study. Overview of the Topic The topic of the journal is the social significance of academic freedom. The author suggests that teachers and students should have the freedom to enquire and explore, only then the society can get benefit from them. According to ( MacKinnon, 2011) “Academic freedom is a lot of freedom, but it has its limitations, and respect for the core value of academic freedom requires respect for its limitations”. ...
The article looks the way in which higher education do good for public. The role of non – profit educational institutions in 21st century is a concern of the article. The article suggests that education institution has the purpose of culturing democratic values in students and providing skilled and knowledgeable workforce. As per ( Euben,2002) “Since the early 1970s, however, academic freedom cases have focused primarily on faculty freedom from institutional intrusion”. The article also looks at the academic freedom existing in history of America. The genesis of tenure is also discussed in the article. According to the author, tenure protected the academic freedom. The article put forward, methodology and studies which examine the reaction of faculties when their institution is faced by controversies. The study revealed the academic freedom of the educational institution under study. As per (Heins,2013) “Academic freedom is necessary not because teachers are smarter or better than everyone else, but because they serve the public interest by imparting the skills to think critically and participate meaningfully in the great, if often flawed, American experiment in democracy”. The article comments about responsibility of University under research and also their role in public discourse. The importance of public engagement is also discussed in the article. Compare and Contrast When comparing the topic of the journal with the academic freedom it has close connection with the subject. The article deeply defines the meaning of academic freedom and its significance in social arena. The topic is all about how academic freedom can contribute to the welfare of the society. The journal does not deviate from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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