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Hopes and fears for the college - Essay Example

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Full name Professor Subject Date Hopes and Fears for College Students I. Introduction (include in all outlines) a. Attention-Getter: College education is very important nowadays, it has become the dream of almost every hopeful individual. b. Thesis: Pursuing college education brings about hopes of young people that their dreams will come true however this is coupled by the fears of what is beyond their imaginations and expectation…
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Hopes and fears for the college
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Download file to see previous pages II. The main purpose of students of going to school is for them to succeed in life and they enter the walls of colleges with the hope that they will be able to step up the ladder of success. a. The first point to be discussed is the hope of building a good foundation, especially regarding school grades. Transition sentence: Gaining good grades is essential because it establishes how professors might perceive students and eventually treat them accordingly. b. Secondly, we will explore the hope of having good experiences with professors. Transition sentence: Ultimately, class performances and relationship with professors will determine how well one socializes not only with classmates but also with schoolmates and other people outside the campus. c. Thirdly, the hope of making good friends will be discussed. Transition sentence: it would be interesting to note what could be the opposite of these positive and encouraging characteristics in students. III. Contrary to the positive outlook about college life mentioned earlier, there are also fears that one must face. a. Students fear failures. Transition sentence: Students fears can go beyond their performances and see people around them as threats, too. b. Students fear they will have strict professors who will make their lives miserable. Transition sentence: It is important to consider how professors relate with students because somehow, this will affect how they will be on their way out of the classroom. c. Students fear that they will not get along well with other people in a whole new world that they are entering. Transition sentence: These develop the many faces of students which eventually define them and their responses to the challenges of college life. IV. Conclusion: Hopes are wonderful and necessary but equally important is the presence of fear which, initially may be seen as negative, when balanced with the hopes a person has, there comes a union which propels college students to reach their dreams. College education is very important nowadays and so it has become the dream of almost every hopeful individual. Many people believe in the anti-apartheid revolutionary, Nelson Mandela who said that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. Only a few may become famous in the challenge to change the world on a large scale however, transforming a life can be assured through education and one reformed life is less one miserable life in this world that ultimately changes the world. As such, many hope and dream to go to college and get a better life. Pursuing college education brings about hopes of young people that their dreams will come true however this is also coupled by the fears of what is beyond their imaginations and expectation. This writing will explore the common hopes and fears of college students and where these could possibly lead them in their endeavor. As one enjoys reading, it is the hope of this writer that readers will be illuminated about the optimism and terror that college students face. The main purpose of students going to school is for them to succeed in life and they enter the walls of colleges with the hope that they will be able to step up the ladder of success. Firstly, students hope to get good grades because this surely will help them build a good foundation for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hopes and Fears for the College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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