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Getting an opportunity to attend South West College is a great privilege to me. This paper seeks to analyze the reasons as to my choice in attending South West College. In explaining my reasons, this paper focuses on two different theoretical aspects/reasons. …
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South West College
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Personal Admission Essay: Introduction: Getting an opportunity to attend South West College is a great privilege to me. This paper seeks to analyze the reasons as to my choice in attending South West College. In explaining my reasons, this paper focuses on two different theoretical aspects/reasons. This is because, using one perspective to explain my choice of attending South West College will not adequately answers certain questions that might emanate from the reasons given. On this basis, the use of two theories to explain my reasons of attending this college is justified on the grounds that the first theory will manage to cover up on the weaknesses identified in the second theory, and vice versa. In my explanations, limiting them to one theory will create a risk whereby it will be impossible to apply the reasons explained to the conditions of other people. On this basis, there is a risk of developing inaccurate conclusions concerning the reasons as to why other students will prefer to attend South West College, as opposed to other colleges in America. Theories to Use: The two theoretical positions explained by this paper is the nature of the city upon which the college is found, and the favorable government policies that can help me in achieving my learning objectives, when I attend this college. From this paper, we shall learn on the reasons as to why the city of Inglewood is appealing to me, and how the issues of migration and resettlement greatly made me to choose this city, as conducive to my settlement, which in turn made me to choose a college in the city for my studies. This is based on the background that my middle school years were undertaken in the cities of McCadden, in North Hollywood and Cal State Northridge. This paper also identifies the various aid programs offered by South West College as a factor in determining my choice in attending this college. Finally, the state governments initiative to promote education in the city is also a factor, and mostly through the department of vocational rehabilitation. The City of Inglewood: Inglewood is a South Western city found in Los Angeles, a county in the state of California. The city has a number of neighborhoods indicated by street signs. These neighborhoods include the sports village, Lock haven, Morning Side Park and Fair View Heights. Based on these neighborhoods, Inglewood is a large primary city that is surrounded by other secondary cities. This directly differs from the urban primate cities in America (Secolsky, 17). It is possible to compare these primary cities and therefore depict some sense of equality on a country wide perspective with other cities. These cities are greatly inter-dependent at the urban level. These cities do not have a proper migration and resettlement policies that can help me to adapt to their environments. This is considering the fact that my middle years of school were undertaken in the cities of McCadden, and Cal State North Ridge. The South Western College is found in Inglewood. As a result, it is highly possible that I will benefit from the resources found in the city, and especially the college. For instance, I will manage to have an access to good and affordable housing schemes offered by the college. These houses are most definitely located in good neighborhoods, where there is an access to other social facilities such as hospitals, stadiums, and shopping malls (Secolsky, 22). This will therefore help me to concentrate on my studies because my social needs are well catered for. In fact, one of the core values of the University is to treat its students and employees with dignity and respect. Provision of better housing and sanitation services is part and parcel of treating its students with dignity (Secolsky, 31). The institution also offers financial aid to students, who deserve. This is a factor that encouraged me to apply in this college, with the hopes and prospects of getting some scholarships, or financial assistance. The States Government Initiative: The state government of California, through is department of Rehabilitation has various programs that it runs for purposes of promoting education in California. These programs include vocation rehabilitation programs (Secolsky, 23). One of the benefits of this program is to assist graduates find employment in their various areas of interests. This is one of the reasons as to why I am applying to study in South West College, considering the fact that the institution is in California. Upon graduation, it is my sincere hope and desire that the rehabilitation programs run by the state will assist me in acquiring employment. This is under the consideration that it is always difficult to secure employment, once an individual comes out of college. Conclusion: In conclusion, it is my greatest desire to attend the South Western College for purposes of pursuing a course in law. I believe, this college will give me an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills needed. This is through the satisfaction of my social needs, such as better housing and immigration policies that can lead to effective resettlement. The Rehabilitation programs by the Government of California also played a significant role in determining my choice of this college. On this basis, this paper manages to effectively explain my reasons for choosing South Western College. Works Cited: Secolsky, Charles. Handbook on measurement, assessment, and evaluation in higher education. New York, NY: Routledge, 2012. 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