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Since not every individual has the same qualities within a group setting, what is important is the need to identify where this person excels and what are his strengths to begin with…
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Accommodating Differences
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ID Lecturer Accommodating Differences Since not every individual has the same qualities within a group setting, what is important is the need to identify where this person excels and what are his strengths to begin with. The common characteristics of any group will essentially be based on the strengths that lie within its folds as well as the weaknesses that are reflected of it. This will give a better idea of how things shape up within the long range settings as far as the group dynamics are concerned. Nearly all the groups that one can recall comprise of individuals who have one or the other strength found within their character. This interests the people outside the group because they are the ones who acknowledge how effective a group is or to simply discard it in the first place from some form of competition, in line with other groups that are present. Differences within individuals form the eventual basis of the wholesome totality that a group comes up with. However, the more common characteristics revolve around the ideology of growing together and finding areas that bring in effectiveness, efficiency and productivity levels for the groups. This is the essence of having a group to start with. In order to accommodate one such group that is filled with individuals that have stark differences within their fore, the need is to outline what is the intended result at the end of the day. If this is done beforehand, many a tasks would be easily handled and there would not be any hindrances within the comprehension levels at any stage. For an educator, this becomes an even more interesting scenario because he has to handle students coming from diverse backgrounds who have their distinctive styles of learning and understanding (Beard 2003). However, it gives him the room to maneuver his own basis as far as educating is concerned. The task of the educator is always a difficult one and should be understood as such. Some of the special challenges would be to make quite a few provisions for the students who are exhibiting differential characteristics. What this implies is the fact that not all students are being treated in the same manner due to their differing scenarios. The need is sought to contemplate how well the educator can teach the students based on their varied levels of learning and their characteristics which are not so simple to begin with. Some of the special learning opportunities that can be made available to the group which is a part of the class structure include the fact that the provisions which were earlier spoken of are materialized. By this, one could mean that certain relaxations as far as educating the students who do not possess extraordinary qualities are the order of the day. Within a class setting, the educator can only do his best by advising strategies and tactics to ensure that the students are treated fairly and that those students who lag far behind as far as their special learning capacities are concerned, are given the room to find out how they shall make progress. The learning opportunities can only be made possible when there is a concerted endeavor on the part of the educator to ensure that all the students are given the best possible amenities to grow and prosper beyond their means. An educator can accommodate these differences by being very clear with how he must tackle the problem at hand. By this, it means that the educator needs to adjust his lesson plan in such a way that it brings more value than putting the onus on the students as far as difficulty levels are concerned. Creative thinking platforms are quintessential under such ideological bases which suggest for the growth patterns and development regimes to come up in a normal fashion. The need is to accommodate these differences in one way or the other so that the end result is of cumulative success for the entire group of learners (Tindal 2011). If they derive value based on how the educator has devised the curriculum, then perhaps the job of the educator is being carried out in a fair enough way. Then again, there is a dire need to comprehend the fact that these differences do exist and as educators, the need of the hour is to get rid of these disparities and issues in a quick way. Hence the task of the educator will be hailed as an appreciable one and the students and learners will find it easier to know the nuances related with education. References Beard, C. (2003). The Learning Combination Lock – An Experiential Approach to Learning Design. Journal of European Industrial Training 27 (2,3,4) Tindal, G. (2011). Applications of Curriculum-based Measures in making decisions with multiple reference points. Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities 24 Read More
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