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Administration/Bullying - Essay Example

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Evidence has shown that when administrators bring together schools, the community and families to collaborate in supporting student learning, students tend to develop a liking for school, stay longer in school and perform better …
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Download file to see previous pages The administrators can use various ways to create partnerships and relationships between schools, communities and families. However, it is also significant for the administrators to realize that not all families will be comfortable with such initiatives and seek the expertise of organizations in the community to approach them. For example, the administrators can conduct surveys to establish the impacts that can be achieved from various connections (Loucrecia, 2003). Then they can organize periodic teacher-parent conferences; after-school programs for adults, youths and children; community health services offered within school compounds; and charitable events. The community resources available for the administrators to assist them in solving problems, supporting student achievement and meeting school goals include organizations, parents, talented individuals, other school teachers and administrators, business leaders, political representatives and religious leaders (Loucrecia, 2003). The students are also a significant community resource in meeting the objectives of the partnerships. One way to demonstrate school involvement in the community would be to write a weekly column, or monthly at the least, in a local newspaper (Weiss & Westmoreland, 2007). Buying space in a newspaper may be costly, but with the help of business organizations, it can be achieved. The column should highlight both the successes and challenges of the school. This can also focus on the efforts of individual teachers, students and community members that contributed towards all that has been achieved within that period. Challenges should also be highlighted with suggestions of what partnerships are best suited to address them. Such an initiative has the potential to converge conflicting or diverse perspectives by giving people an indication of what the school’s objectives are and how they intend to achieve them. The significance of this is that it provides both the community and school the opportunity to know what takes place in the period between the publications (Weiss & Westmoreland, 2007). By allowing them such information, both parties (school and community) can appreciate the existence and results of their partnership. Another way would be to have a periodic, most probably monthly, open house day/evening in which every teacher plans activities designed towards agreed subject areas being taught at that time (Weiss & Westmoreland, 2007). In such activities, parents are invited to participate with their students, allowing them the opportunity to see what goes on in the classrooms. In this sense, they become actively involved in the education of their children and communicate their concerns to the teachers. Parents who hold different perspectives as to how learning is and should be conducted have the chance to share their views. Finally, the school administrator can conduct annual business fairs in an agreed month, where several businesses in the community participate (Weiss & Westmoreland, 2007). Both the school and community get an insight of what the businesses do, who they employ and the relevant skills required in the industries directly from the people involved. Students can later contribute their experience in the weekly column, while business organizations can mention such fairs in their publications and websites. Section V School staff, including teachers, sports instructors, cafeteria supervisors and transport supervisors can all be involved in confirming the presence, locations and frequency of bullying among students through assessments and surveys (Ellen & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Administration/Bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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