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The Effect of Brain Hemisphere Dominance on Learning - Research Paper Example

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The Effect of Brain Hemisphere Dominance on Learning: Presently a growing body of literature can be found efficiently scrutinizing the nature of connection between brain hemisphere dominance and student learning. Though both hemispheres are used in thinking and learning, it stands true that either one of the two hemispheres remains dominant over the other…
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The Effect of Brain Hemisphere Dominance on Learning
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Brain Hemisphere Dominance on Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Teaching and learning have been extensively studied with respect to hemispheric dominance in order to improve the teaching experience for the benefit of students. Left brain dominant students learn better in the classrooms through lectures because they are primarily auditory learners while right brain dominant subjects grasp more knowledge when information is delivered through visual media. This paper is primarily based on analyzing the major effects of brain hemisphere dominance on students’ learning process by reviewing what contemporary research material has to say on the subject. For many years, brain hemisphere dominance has been considered little more than a scientific myth and researchers have had to struggle relentlessly to bring light to the facts. Because the effect of hemisphere dominance on learning is established now, it is important for parents and teachers to realize which children are right brain dominant and which otherwise to adjust teaching methods to those preferences. It is important to realize that “neither of these hemispheres is superior to the other, they just have different specialized functions” (Duman, 2010, p. 2078). ...
lassroom are right brain dominant and which left brain dominant, information can be delivered in a way that is best received by dominant hemispheres and more importantly teachers can then “review or practice that information in ways that involve their less dominant hemispheres” (Child Learning, 2012). A variety of reliable quiz tests are available these days which can be used teachers to judge brain hemisphere dominance in their students and then devise teaching styles according to results gathered. When right/left hemisphere dominance is decided, true parental and teaching guidance can work miracles in enabling a student to intelligently process his/her thoughts, interact with, and understand others. Research implies that brain hemispheric dominance inflicts huge influence on an individual’s “study skills, homework habits, and grades” (Fleming, 2013). Right brain dominance is related to an impulsive nature less equipped with the ability to reason while left hemispheric dominance is related to a more logical mind which takes time in reaching decisions by weighing pros and cons of everything. It is claimed that right brain dominant students are rather impulsive, active, and have difficulty coping with verbal directions like in case of lectures. They also face a harder time expressing themselves in words than left brain dominant students and lose track of time easily. On the other hand, the effects of left brain dominance on learning are such that students learn better through verbal directions and effortlessly express their ideas in words. This difference in brain hemispheric dominance explains why right brain dominant individuals are often described as dreamy and left brain dominant persons as very analytical and logical. This difference in brain types is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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