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Reflection and Improvement Analysis of New Forms of Leadership Changing social patterns, globalization and advanced technology have disrupted the education sector. Transformation has become important for education system in order to review and examine the education practices of several high schools…
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Reflection and Improvement
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders are seeking to transform their schools in order provide effective knowledge and education to the students (Joyner, Ben-Avie & Comer, 2004). The key conceptual framework would productively encompass the necessary cultural and structural change efforts. Moreover, effective conceptual framework can enhance significant pipeline development of leadership. However, major focus of this leadership process would be to improve the learning and teaching process. Learning Focused Leadership Learning focused leadership is another effective strategy that can enhance transformation of schools. Learning focused leadership comprises investment in instructional leadership, new working relations across and within levels, reinvention of leadership practice, persistent public focus on learning and evidence as a medium of leadership (Aguilera, 2008). The meaning of learning focused leadership is investing in individuals and positions across and within the schools. The primary objective of this learning focused leadership is instructional leadership. Conceptualizing leadership is more significant and effective among these two leadership styles. This leadership style generally focuses on effective learning process. Effective utilization of effective data and resources, and supreme engagement with the community has motivated me to adopt conceptualizing leadership strategy. Evaluation of Leadership Style There are several significances of conceptualizing leadership process. A teacher or a or a leader within the institution can enhance effective transformation of a school through the implementation of conceptualizing leadership process. Under this leadership style, the leader’s ability to offer a consistent and clear focus on learning for all the students would be considered as the central part of their job. Effective utilization of data and evidence can enhance instructional improvement. Moreover, this leadership style will help the leaders to align resources with the learning improvement goals. Under this process, the leaders generally try to reallocate their resources and develop incentives to meet specific instructional improvement goals. These construction roles help the leaders to focus on the improvement of learning process. The leaders seek to provide effective learning environment and seer knowledge to the students of the schools. At last, leaders focus on engaging community citizens, support providers and parents that can promote effective learning agenda. However, it is quite important to change the blueprint of education sector. The old traditional blue print is reducing the quality of education process and system. The conceptualization leadership process will help the leaders to transform the system of learning process of several schools and education institutions. Three ways to improve leadership style It is clear from above discussion that the education sector needs effective transformation process to meet social and cultural demand. There are several ways to improve the leadership style. First of all, the educational leaders should become the transformation leaders to implement effective change process. Successful transformation leaders should avail three capabilities like think ahead, deliver within and lead across to adopt and practice an effective transformation process (Covey, 2012). Transformation leaders should think ahead in a school transformation pr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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