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An Outline for the Education in Kuwait - Essay Example

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This paper "An Outline for the Education in Kuwait" focuses on the critical outline of the essay regarding the education in Kuwait which lacked a proper structure and an organization. The researchers specified the problem without stating any descriptions or background of the educational system.  …
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An Outline for the Education in Kuwait
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Extract of sample "An Outline for the Education in Kuwait"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, it is more or less sure that the author of this paper was a second language speaker of English. This is because the word choice, the syntax as well as the run-on sentences need to be edited or revised by an editor to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion while reading the article. Reviewing by Each Chapter The first chapter of this paper focused on the background as well as the structure of the essay with the background concentrating on the team from Singapore and the timeline on which the team worked on. The main research question of the diagnostic study was hidden on page 6 as part of the ‘structure of the paper’. Proper writing procedures require that both the purpose of the study as well as the research questions be explicit to the reader and be stated clearly in the introduction section for better guidance. In chapter two, the researchers stated the outcomes as outlined in the document of Kuwait’s vision 2023. The target of the desired outcomes was clustered around the making of a complete ‘human’ product. Nevertheless, the seven desired outcomes were general, vague and the explanation of each outcome was shallow and limited to social aspects. Moreover, the researchers did not explain the rationale for stating those seven outcomes within the framework and scope of the study. The desired outcomes failed to have a properly framed link to the labour market and the economic side of the country. The seven outcomes did not state anything about decision-making, critical thinking and creativity, which are fundamental elements in a human product. The third chapter talked about the core pillars that support the education system and the conceptual framework of the diagnostic study within the country. The researchers needed to explain the objects for the eight pillars as the basis for supporting the education system. The team needed to explain the objects that made them choose each pillar with a cohesive definition as used within the study. In the pillars, the researchers failed to place performance management systems under the human resource policies as applied within Kuwait. Furthermore, the curriculum pillar as used on the fourteenth page did not have a clear definition and a teacher as was elaborated and explained in detail on pages 15 to 18 short compared it to the education. Conventional writing has it that the reader needs to know the theories behind the conceptual framework as used in any study. The conceptual framework should lay down assumptions, principles and rules, and then bind them together to produce a broad concept, which is easily understandable by all readers. Due to the short explanation in the conceptual framework part, the whole essay from the study appears quite unclear. This chapter, therefore, requires to be holistically revised in order to make it the guidance and the lens to the entire essay. Even if this study was about diagnosing the system, the reader needs to comprehend the rules behind using a quantitative and qualitative method, which are not clear as from the study. An analysis of the fourth chapter uses 2400 participants, which does not specify whether this figure was a sum to all the students, parents, teachers as well as the principle. The study needed to have a tabulation of the different categories of participants as well as give a clear picture of the all the participants.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Outline for the Education in Kuwait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1)
An Outline for the Education in Kuwait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
“An Outline for the Education in Kuwait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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