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Management and Leadership in Higher Education - Essay Example

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The field of medicine is one that has not benefitted from professional management for a long time. In managing healthcare, it is necessary for managers and practitioners to be able to look at some of the fundamental issues affecting the healthcare industry and it will be discussed in this paper…
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Management and Leadership in Higher Education
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Download file to see previous pages To be able to achieve this, it is necessary to have a way to measure the quality of service in order to ensure that this can be used in order to compare how quality of service is improving. Above all, the most important thing in implementing continuous quality improvement as a way to achieve overall quality of service is to educate and sensitise the employees about the need for quality management. While most medical staff has an inherent desire to take care of their patient. In this regard, the issue is not about the employee’s duty to serve the customers but actually the fact that the quality of service has to be continually increased. According to McLaughlin and Kaluzny (2006)4, the nature of quality is that if it is not improving, it is deteriorating and, therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the quality of service in any healthcare institution is well monitored and continually improved. Once all the players understand this, it becomes even easier for quality to be managed and made easier. As Chalice5 (2007) says, using the continuous quality improvement strategy is the best way to guarantee that the hospitals will be able to benefit from the improved quality in patient care delivery. Using Software to manage collaboration and quality management Just like many other businesses healthcare organisation are realizing the need for using software technology as a way to improve the quality of service and also increase customer service6. There are a number of dentistry software, which is geared to help dentists and their staff to be more productive, to better manage their finances and to increase the quality of care to their patients. In a modern world, software is not a choice for many businesses...
This paper approves that this means, only one important thing, that the department should be able to have a good priority settings in order to help in making sure that it is able to utilize the resources in the most economical way. This will, however, also require the leader to collaborate closely with employees in order to understand their needs. Leaders should not just assume that they know what is best for their department and what the priority is; they should work with their juniors in order to understand what their juniors need and what they want in order to make sure that every need is well captured. Doing this will also motivate the employees and make them feel that they work environment issues are being addressed in the right way. Managers should combine a number of leadership strategies in order to make sure that they are able to achieve the highest quality.
This essay makes a conclusion that many have turned to strategies such as continuous quality improvement in order to overcome the various challenges and hurdles, which are present in the industry especially due to the nature of the industry. This combines together with other strategies such as working together with the community and collaborating with patients and their families will be a good way to make sure that the dentist department is able to serve the needs of their patients and those of the community at large in a way that guarantees quality. The most important thing to note is that in managing quality in a hospital setting, the issue at stake is not how to maintain quality, but how to continually improve the quality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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