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Analyzing the development of a web portal within an education setting - Essay Example

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Analyzing the development of a web portal within an education
Research proposal
1. Proposed title for the research proposal
Analyzing the development of a web portal within an education setting
2. The purpose of the study
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Analyzing the development of a web portal within an education setting
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the study The Internet has a profound effect on higher learning, and this effect is likely to develop in the current generation (Becker, 2005). Actually, in some aspects the internet is the current generation of instructors just as personal computers were in the previous generation. As a result, "web knowledge” will gradually become an ordinary tool of the exchange, and instructive web sites will develop to regular additions to classroom events (Becker, 2005). One of the improved ways to remain up to date with the development of education is to come up with a learning web site to present learners with the education syllabus and teaching learning resources (Becker, 2005). One benefit of publishing syllabi, as well as other learning resources on the web is that learners have all the time to access the resources (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002). In addition, teachers can put review questions on web pages containing information on class assignments, study tips, grading, among others (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002). By printing these resources and information on the site, teachers avoid repetition of questions all through the academic period (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002). Therefore, this study aims at analyzing the development of a web portal within an education setting (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002)....
Documents presented on the portal areas usually updated in libraries available with current research findings. Finally, simulation of real life is also presented to the learners through the web portal (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002). A web portal gives information that is assorted in a combined manner. These are sites of information, which developed during 1990s and in 2000 (Preece, Rogers and Sharp, 2002). A web portal operates just like an investigator or explore engine, however, this portal has several features or purpose than the search device itself (Becker, 2005). A web portal, provides information a researcher wants to discover or search, as well as certified web portal. Apart from this, it also provides email internet services, entertainment cites to the users (Cappel and Huang, 2007). This portal can be defined as a website that presents reports together from different sources in an even manner. Normally, every information port acquires its dedicated part on for presenting information. Usually the researcher can figure out which presentation is important to search (Palmer, 2002). Web portals can be classified in to group’s horizontal and vertical web portals. The horizontal portal is usually used in several companies as a platform in economic issues or manufacturing issues. The vertical portal is a specific entry point for markets a given subject or a given interests. Therefore, the horizontal portal covers several areas, while the vertical portal covers specific areas (Pang, et al., 2009). The web portal has the following major functions; search, navigate, provides information or manages content, personalization, push technology, management of tasks, conducts the integration of applications and organizes business infrastructure (Pearson and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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