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About the University - Case Study Example

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The organization of my choice is a university, whereby it will be focused on achieving its main goals by providing several programs that prepare students to have ethical practice of the highest level in their profession. …
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About the University
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Extract of sample "About the University"

Download file to see previous pages The organization will also be focused on offering a chance to pursue various programs without interferences, thereby eliminating hindrances brought about by various internal and external factors. Besides, this organization will be located in an area with tranquility in order to provide students with favorable environment for studying. Developing Global Goals for the Organization Social cognitive theory focuses on self-efficacy or self-direction, which is considered crucial being a predictor of people’s behaviors. Bandura (1997) establishes a shift regarding people’s reaction towards the past, present and future. Moreover, he argues that human behaviors are guided by their goals and results, which are projected into their future (Bandura, 1997). Crucial reflection of people’s self-efficacy is facilitated by their ability to control themselves and establish a self-reflection. There are situation that in this organization people may fail to live up to the standards that they have set for themselves. Nonetheless, there are researchers, which have been conducted by Bandura (1977) in the field of social cognitive theory, whereby he recognizes the actions that results to people’s ability to process information and make choices in accordance to the things they know in regard to consequences of their actions or actions of others. Team Development and Leadership Perspective As the team leader there is need to set dates for checking on the progress with the other members of team in order to facilitate its development. Moreover, this helped us to maintain the cohesiveness of the group and ensure that everyone behaving in accordance to the expectations of the group. There are three of the most substantial traits that a good leader should have in order to facilitate team development; in fact, these traits are elaborated on the basis of leadership theories. According to Fiedler and Garcia (1987), one of the traits is explained in the Contingency Theories which expects the successful leaders be able to identify the clues in the environment and that they adapt with their leader behavior in order to meet the differentiated needs of their followers. The Vroom leadership theory expects them to participate in decision making. It also provides a set of rules for determination of participative decision making. The third trait is Transformational leadership that combines the behavioral theories with the trait theories, while being a Transactional leader I will guide my group in the direction that will establish objective by clarify task requirements. Human Development Perspective While managing the human resource in this university, there will be need to focus on satisfying employees psychological and social needs. In this case, the psychological needs will involve motivating them to exercise persona control of their actions and self-efficacy. On the other hand, satisfaction of their social needs will be achieved by empowering them by modeling programs of personal control in terms of the way they can cope with stress or criticism; in fact, this will involve offering them skills to enables them cope with circumstances that they are likely to face during their daily operations. In addition, empowerment will involve provision of relevant sources of knowledge, skills, and convictions, which can allow employees to control their lives. Diversity/Multicultural Perspective There is an interpretation of diversity, which includes the ways in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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