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One change I would made to Houston Commit y College ( HCC) - Essay Example

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One Change I Would Make at Houston Community College The Egalitarian is the school paper that is one of the most effective avenues of information exchange available to the students of Houston Community College. It is a news organization that is staffed mostly by the College of Journalism students and gets its funding from the tax dollars of the Texan community at large…
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One change I would made to Houston Commit y College ( HCC)
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"One change I would made to Houston Commit y College ( HCC)"

Download file to see previous pages There is a problem at the Egalitarian office and the root cause must be found and dealt with as soon as possible or the Egalitarian as a training avenue for future journalists will be nothing more than a joke in the near future. In its current state, the Egalitarian does not carry any weight among the student population and its writers, rather than being admired as some of the great thinkers on campus, come across as inept and ill educated when it comes to the finer points of journalism. As students of Houston Community College, it is our duty to try and help improve our school paper as best as we can. We have an obligation to ourselves and our college to ensure that The Egalitarian becomes the embodiment of journalistic integrity and accuracy. At the moment, The Egalitarian is wanting in so many avenues as a mouthpiece for both the college administration and student body. As a part of the training ground for the students of the College of Journalism, it is of the utmost importance that the professors and mentors at the department educate their students on the importance of accuracy of content, proper journalistic grammar, and create a diversified topic selection for the paper that represents the student body in a professional manner using a diverse range of topics. The topics covered by the journalism students at the paper is sadly, quite wanting in terms of becoming a true voice for the student body in terms of allowing the students to be equally represented within the pages of the school paper. The topics and news articles written by the members of the staff, and even the contributing writers show a lack of connection with the general student population who are supposed to be the main readers of the paper. The editorials and other columns do not have the ability to spark an intellectual debate among the students either. In fact, the paper is quite boring when one actually bothers to try and read the paper from cover to cover. It is perhaps because of this lack of professionalism and interesting content from the members of the school paper that the student body chooses to pass on reading the paper when they receive their copies. They do not wish to read a newspaper that does not accurately represent their interests, misrepresents information by using irrelevant or improper information in their articles. The profanity used within the articles and horrible sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation errors within the paper are also unforgivable to any decent journalism or education student of the college who bothers to read the paper. Due to the numerous problems that plague the school paper, most members of the student body and professors alike do not view The Egalitarian as a credible news sources. This negative point of view about the school paper has prevented many aspiring journalists, writers, and educators from contributing interesting and relevant news articles to the publication staff. The lack of professionalism by the members of the newspaper team make them lose their interest in contributing to the school paper. Given such a sentiment, it is quite obvious that the student body does not consider the school paper to be a newspaper that represents the students and their interests. The Egalitarian has the ability to become the platform by which the various college departments can showcase their talents to the student body. Students of graphic arts and the like are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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