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Whitney Houston - Essay Example

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The introduction stays the topic of research paper and includes the basic information about Whitney Houston. Main body represents the information about life and carrier. Different stages of…
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Whitney Houston
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Extract of sample "Whitney Houston"

Download file to see previous pages Conclusion stays the summary of this topic and critical resume of the presented information. The method used is particularized examination of the literature sources together with the personal inferences to the topic.
Whitney Houston was remained to be one of the most successful singers in the world concerning the musicians with the black skin and regarded as artist with the biggest amount of awards of different kinds. It was absolutely clear that Whitney attained a huge fame and world recognition. This was a magnificent woman with a strong voice and charming beauty. Despite of the facts about her problems with drugs and alcohol she was considered to be an icon for million people all over the world.
This woman was born in August 9, 1963in Newark, New Jersey (The Biography, 2014). This had been a nice naïve girl with the big dream, and as her mother said “I saw the little girl who used to grab a broom and belt out songs in our basement studio like she was onstage at Carnegie Hall” (Houston, 2013).
This girl was born in the family of famous people in that period, as her mother was a singer as much as her cousin and sister (The Wall Street Journal, 2014). Therefore it was important to admit that love to music and involving in the process of its creation was given to her since the early ages.
This girl sang in the church since the childhood; still, Whitney had her first serous performance when she was a teenager on the scene in New York (The Wall Street Journal, 2014). Moreover, she sang with her mother and at the age of fifteen she started her career as a model.
The matter is that one photographer discovered her natural beauty and charm, since that period Whitney had become a successful teenage model and even appeared in Seventeen magazine (The Biography, 2014). Concerning those facts it was worse to admit that her first steps in show-business were rather appreciative.
Her career as a singer started to develop in 1983 when was Whitney’s debut on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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