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TEST EVALUATION Assignment - Research Paper Example

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Test Evaluation Assignment Author Institution Test Evaluation Assignment Reading and language tests are commonly used to assess and evaluate the extent to which students have understood what they have learnt. It is essential to engage students in English tests with the aim of determining their scores…
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Download file to see previous pages A language test is essential since it plays the role of generalizing what the person taking the test is capable of doing under some set conditions. As such, such a test helps in evaluating what the person taking the test can do even when they are not under conditions of test taking. Purpose of the test The test aims at assessing the language skills of English speakers in comparison with the language skills on non-speakers of English language. The purpose of carrying out this language test is to assess the achievement that students have made so far in the course. As such, the test aims at evaluating the extent to which students have achieved the course objectives. Moreover, the test will be used in determining which students will pass on to the next level. The student performance in the test will act as the basis for determining the students who will go to the next grade, as well as those students who will not qualify for admission in the next grade. Students will be graded based on the marks and the grade they achieve in the test. After the grading, those will have scored marks equivalent to the required admission marks will be allowed to continue to the next level while those who will not have achieved will either have to repeat the test, or remain in their current level. Student performance will also be ranked according to how the students have scored. Description of the test The test will make an assessment of how students score when compared to other students who take a similar test. The test will also be administered as per the acceptable procedures, as well as with regard to the rules of the education section and the institution. The outcome/result of the test will be given in terms of percentage and ranking of the students. Students will be ranked from the highest scoring at the top and the lowest scoring at the bottom. Different tests will be provided for speakers of the English language and those who speak English as a second language. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that both categories of students can be favoured by the test. While administering the test, various questions will be provided in order to ensure that students have a variety from which they can choose. The language test will be a written test where students will have an opportunity to fill in the right answers, in the exam paper. There will be questions where students can choose from multiple answers by selecting the best option. In addition, the test will encompass reading a comprehension and answering some questions based on what students understand from the reading. The test will also include some grammar questions, which will test the ability of students in grammar. Writing skills of the students will also be tested through a composition. Students will be expected to write a composition that will test their ability to communicate in writing (Richard-Amato, 2003). Scoring of test The test scores will be based on the percentage scored by the students in the respective scores. English speakers who will score a high percentage in their tests will get high marks. Likewise, English learners who will score high marks in the test provided will be graded with high marks. The best students, native speakers or ones having English is their second language, will score an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TEST EVALUATION Assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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