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Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Autism - Term Paper Example

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This term paper discusses therapeutic horseback riding and it's effects on autism. It also focuses on the question as to whether children suffering from autistic spectrum disorder who undergo therapeutic horseback riding report a change in their behavior and physical well-being. …
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Autism
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Extract of sample "Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Autism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the effects of therapeutic horseback riding as a mode of treating autistic spectrum disorders with a focus on its effect on the physical and behavioral aspect of the child under the treatment program. This study examined the symptoms and behavior associated with autistic spectrum behavior that may change when children suffering from it are placed under the therapeutic horseback riding as an alternative intervention in treating children with autism disorder. In getting the desired results, the research hypothesized whether therapeutic horseback riding is an effective method of treating behavior and symptoms associated with autistic spectrum disorders and the reaction of the children with such disorders. The question as to whether children suffering from autistic spectrum disorder who undergo therapeutic horseback riding report a change in their behavior and physical well-being as compared to the time when they had not undergone the therapy. Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Managing Autistic Spectrum Disorder According to a study conducted by Kern et al (2011) amongst forty one children suffering from autism spectrum disorders (ASD), children who participated in the therapeutic horseback riding as a means of treating autism had a reduced Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) as compared to those who did not participate in the program. The study compared participants who either dropped before enrolling in the program while others completed the time under which they were on a waiting list period of three months. Others simply did not enroll in the therapeutic horse-riding program due to reasons or circumstances beyond their...
This term paper describes the symptoms of autism, that are unique to individuals and therefore should not be taken as general amongst those suffering from it. However, there are common deficits in the disorder such as delays in the social interaction of individuals, deficits in communication, absence of imagination and repetitive behavior that may go unrecognized by those suffering from the disorder. This term paper states that there is no single mode of treating persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorders nowadays, but there are several ways that have been proposed to suppress the symptoms and capitalize on the experiences and the results, such as therapeutic horseback riding. While there is a disagreement of a known method of treatment for this disorder, animal-assisted programs like therapeutic horseback riding has been proved and adopted as an effective method of treating or curing the autism disorder especially in children as it has demonstrated remarkable improvement in the behavioral problems and social activity. In conclusion of this term paper, the researcher recommends horseback riding as a therapy for managing autism as it has the overall effect of improving the concentration of the participant, his patience and tolerance and instills confidence in dealing with uncertainties and fears. This term paper also concludes some positive effects of improving communication skills by teaching the rider with ASD how to give instructions and express how he feels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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