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The Effectiveness of Pet Therapy: Can They Make You Well - Research Paper Example

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The major aim for this is to improve peoples social, emotional or cognitive functioning. As advocates say, animals can be useful in many areas such as education and motivating the closeness of the participants…
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The Effectiveness of Pet Therapy: Can They Make You Well
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Pet Therapy: Can They Make You Well"

Download file to see previous pages Zulauf with his biophilia hypothesis was based on the environment that our closeness to and interest in pets comes from a string possibility that human survival was partly dependent on some waves and signals from the surrounding demonstrating safety or danger (Zulauf). The biophilia hypothesis suggest that now, if we see animals at rest or in the peaceful state, this may signal to our safety, security and feelings of well –being in which in turn may ticker a state where personal change and healing are possible.
Pet therapy originated from the idea and initial belief in the supernatural powers of animals and animals spirit. In the beginning, it appeared as in the grouping of ancient hunters and gatherers communities. Socialization is a key life aspect that provides relaxation, which is therapeutic to the human being. The ancient approach on therapy was not recorded and depended on speculations. The earliest report where of pet therapy examined during the 18th century within the York retreat found in England it was led by Rivera who ensured that patients who were in that hospital wondered the surrounding which was of large population of domestic animals (Rivera). In 1860, Bethlem Hospital in England followed the same suit and admitted animals in the ward; this greatly influenced the morale of the patients who were living and the admitted.
Fine was among those who kept very many dogs and always had chow Jofi present during his pioneering season of psychoanalysis. During this analysis, he found the presence of the dog to be more beneficial in that patients in their conversations the talking will not disturb the dog in any case giving the confidence to relax and confide (Fine). This was more interesting and effective if the admitted patient was a child or middle aged (adolescent).
Therapy involving pets was firstly used by King who discovered pet therapy accidentally with a young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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