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Coments - Essay Example

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Talented Children: I believe that all children are born unique and each of them has unique skills. Parents should know their child’s interest in the early stage of childhood. A one year old child can present his talent – and parent should capable of understanding them…
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Download file to see previous pages Support them. Our children are the future mathematician, scientists, performers and the like. They are our hope, supporting them to nurture their talents is the key to make this world rotate with full colors in the future. Aggressive Behavior in Adolescence During adolescence, I believe that children face this challenge of being aggressive. They are curious about the things around them – they want to explore them one by one. Sometimes, aggression can harm other children and people. Parents and guardians must understand that parenting is crucial to solve this problem. They should understand that impulsive behaviors can be triggered with several factors like Television, Internet and Poor Parenting. Parents should be aware that not all programs on television are recommended for children – that’s why television networks urges you to watch TV together with them or else they will pick up shows of their own choice that can worsen their aggressive behaviors. Same with the internet – all the good and bad can be surfed online so be watchful! However, if you are not ready for parenthood – you will face these major problems because solving and minimizing these impulsive behaviors requires the right parenting and effective problem solving techniques. Stress Effects on Development The most common term you will hear is bullying. What is it and how can it affect the emotional growth of children? Children are often dominated by other children especially in the absence of the adviser, parent or guardian’s supervision. A child can be frightened and this will cause emotional problems like stress and anxiety. I believe that parents should be attentive to their child’s behavior. In my case, if I can sense unusual behavior of my children – like stressful mode – I will find a way to consult them in a nice way. I am ready to listen to them, to laugh with them so they will be at ease in telling me the things that are bothering their emotions. Stress effects on development can be minimized if parents care enough for their children’s daily activities. Perceptions of Success in Young Adults The main question is how young adults perceived success? What is success meant for them? Youths want to expand their social participation. They will likely want to build a more complex pattern in thinking, as well as defining their goals. In addition, athletes and non-athletes may have differences on how they identify success. Non-athletes tend to value more intrinsic needs. Helping other students to excel in class can be a great feeling of success for them. Success can be defined differently for athletic teens – although female and male athletes have varying perceptions towards success – but I believe it is motivated by self-esteem. Conflict/Resolution During adolescence, children would experience transition in terms of their physical, mental and emotional behaviors. In connection, they often face social issues. Teenagers love to be in peers – they want belongingness – and sometimes they would struggle to get accepted. If the peers are engaging on drugs – a teen who want to belong himself might take the offer to use drugs as well to alter their moods and to feel the sense of belongingness. How parents can resolve this conflict? I believe that the most effective solution is family love and care. Some parents might be driven by emotion like anger in dealing this issue – but it won’t help. In this case, parents should enroll their teenagers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Coments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Coments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Coments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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