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Bereavement care - Assignment Example

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RESILIENCE (Name of Institution) The Role of Ritual and Behavior in Bereavement Resilience refers to the ability of an individual to withstand and well cope with stress as well all other adversities in life (Bonanno, 2009). After devastating tragedies on life, individuals and communities are able to rebuild their life and cope with the situation as a way of rebuilding continuity…
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Bereavement care
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"Bereavement care"

Download file to see previous pages In the wake of the same, different cultures carry out different ritual acts in alleviating the effects of a loss and creation of resilience. Rituals play a great deal of functions in the life of a person subjected to the given tragedy. Medically, the rituals act as therapeutic step. There are several rituals depending on the society that is concerned with the issue. One of them is the funeral of a deceased person. Funeral as a ritual is carried out differently in the different societies. For instance, in the western world, there is usually a high sense of cultural differences and these would to a large extend be dictated by the specific culture. Funeral home visits with a casket among the western nations; a catholic wake as well as a Shiva among the Jews is some of the rituals. What function do these serve? There are rituals that are also part of other rituals. A funeral service is a greater ritual that is carried by most groups in the world. One of the roles of a funeral and its sub-rituals is that it creates admissibility and appreciation in the hands of the bereaved. Many people according to Bonnano have had to appreciate the fact that so many mourners can turn up to witness the burial of someone in the society. Finality of the death is therefore appreciated and realized at that instance. Burial or cremation is also a ritual that must be carried out to a dead person. Burials witness a lot of activities. These activities just like the whole funeral process are supposed to create an acceptable situation of the reality of the matter (Cecilia & Thomson, 2005). In the western societies for instance, most of the actions are leveled towards creation of acceptance in the victims who suffer from denials instead of carrying out unwarranted practices. Therefore, all the rituals and behaviors are supposed to create a transition and actually the witness of a behavior is usually an indication that the transition is being successfully implemented. Different societies define the expected behavior in a funeral differently. The basis of the behavior is based on the traditional and historical facts that have been followed over the generations (Bonanno, 2009). A great deal of knowledge about emotions is a strong issue when it comes to dealing with resilience at any stage. Much of the western world would therefore have a very personalized approach to issues of resilience than the other parts of the world. Therefore, there is no conditioned definition of the expected behavior in a society but it is based on the type of culture that has been cultivated over the generations. Bonanno’s View of Resiliency and Grief Grieving as a way related to resilience is a process in the recovery process. Grieving is suffering due to any reason that would take resilience to recover back to normalcy. Grief is an emotion that is strong and overwhelming mostly caused by an unfortunate happening. During grieving, there is a high sense of symptomatic experiences that go with the situation and is highly dependent on the strength of the loss incurred. The victims experience a lot of numbness and there’s a total removal from the daily life. This daily life includes social life and therefore, there is support that is required to make sure that the victim recovers completely. The response of the experts to the situation of grieving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bereavement Care Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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