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Should certain types of products be banned from advertised through magazines billboards, commercials posters - Essay Example

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Should Certain Types of Products Be Banned from Advertisement? Author Institution Should Certain Types of Products Be Banned from Advertised through Magazines, Billboards, Commercials, Posters? Introduction Advertising is a communication method that induces the audience to buy certain products or services…
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Should certain types of products be banned from advertised through magazines billboards, commercials posters
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Extract of sample "Should certain types of products be banned from advertised through magazines billboards, commercials posters"

Download file to see previous pages Advertising employs some mental pressure by attracting feelings of insufficiency on the targeted consumers, sometimes causing harm. It is, therefore, the responsibility of any advertising agency to adhere to the rules and regulations that are stipulated to shield the consumer from false and unsafe information. Some adverts still do not comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations hence leading to advertisement bans on some products (Cohen, 2011). This essay will analyse certain products that need to be banned from public domain and give appropriate reasons why they should be banned. Discussion The first product that should be banned is tobacco products like cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers have been able to penetrate the market through a diverse media promotion campaigns including use of posters and billboards. Some of the countries have banned tobacco adverts, and it should be banned fully. The early 20th century adverts were more pronounced using large posters and billboards. Some of the companies had created slogans for different types of cigarettes and also acquired full support from renowned people. Some of these adverts went to the extent of using doctors and children in their attempts to lure new customers. At this time, smoking was fashionable, and there were fewer reports on health effects (Johnson, 2006). Today, tobacco has many serious complications. Tobacco is responsible for lung cancer and erectile dysfunction among its users, and approximately greater than half a million people die annually hence a lot of health costs to the tax payer. These tobacco bans will shield many children from the disastrous effects of advertising. A substantial young audience will also be salvaged from these adverts. Advertising to children is dangerous since their comprehension of personality and money is much undeveloped. They also know little on their desires and preferences and on utilization of their resources rationally to fulfill their needs. These adverts can, therefore, lead to false beliefs among them. To shield these immature children and youth, the advertisers should not deliberately deceive children and these adverts should be banned (Cohen, 2011). Secondly, slimming products should be banned from the public domain. Recently, the demand for these products has risen among the young teens, and the manufacturers have taken advantage of this scenario to deceive their customers (Srinivasan, 2009). Majority of these adverts gives the impression that slenderness is equal to beauty. Some have gone to use Photoshop drawings to bring out these impressions. These adverts mainly appeal to the teen girls who labour with body appearance issues, recognition and self esteem. When these teens look at how faultless and immaculate women look in those magazines and billboards, this motivates them to be like the models not knowing that it is just a marketing strategy employed by the manufactures in order to lure them to buy their products. This makes them make irrational decisions about these products which might end up being harmful to their health (Johnson, 2006). Thirdly, the category of products that should be banned is the fast and high fat content food. These foods if taken in small quantities do not pose any serious health challenge; however, majority of people recently have become obese hence increasing their susceptibility to lifestyle diseases like cancer. Health experts link these problems to consumption of high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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