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Kindergarten Lesson plan/foreign language teaching (Spanish) in Florida USA - Assignment Example

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Name: ­­_ _ Date: _ SPANISH LESSON PLAN Subject: Spanish Grade: Kindergarten Length of Lesson: 45 Minutes 1. Theme/Topic Basic Colors 2.What You Intend to Teach Concept: Say basic colors in the Spanish language Definition: Some Spanish color words change their word endings – it is important to understand which ones…
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Kindergarten Lesson plan/foreign language teaching (Spanish) in Florida USA
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"Kindergarten Lesson plan/foreign language teaching (Spanish) in Florida USA"

Download file to see previous pages This is especially important for colors, as colors are a basic and critical way that we describe items in the physical world. II. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVE(S)/OUTCOMES (What Is to Be Learned) 1. Objective By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to effectively change color word endings in Spanish depending on the nouns that they are modifying. 2. Sunshine State Standards WL.K12.NM.1.1: Demonstrate understanding of basic words, phrases, and questions about self and personal experiences through gestures, drawings, pictures, and actions. WL.K12.NM.1.4: Demonstrate understanding of simple information supported by visuals through a variety of media. WL.K12.NM.2.1: Demonstrate understanding of written familiar words, phrases, and simple sentences supported by visuals. WL.K12.NM.2.4: Recognize words and phrases when used in context on familiar topics. WL.K12.NM.3.2: Participate in basic conversations using words, phrases, and memorized expressions. WL.K12.NM.3.2: Exchange essential information about self, family, and familiar topics. 3. Goal 3 Standards Standard 1: Florida students should demonstrate interpretive listening: The student will be able to understand and interpret information, concepts and ideas orally from culturally authentic sources on a variety of topics in the target language. Standard 2: Florida students should be able to demonstrate interpretive reading: The student will be able to understand and interpret information, concepts, and ideas in writing from culturally authentic sources on a variety of topics in the target language. Standard 3: Florida students will be able to demonstrate interpersonal communication skills: The student will be able to engage in conversations and exchange information, concepts, and ideas orally and in writing with a variety of speakers or readers on a variety of topics in a culturally appropriate context in the target language. III. INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES (How You Intend to Sequence Your Lesson) 1. Lesson Initiating Activity (Beginning the Lesson) As an attention grabbing moment, play the Spanish song “de Colores.” This song is quite popular and located on the Internet (see weblink later in the lesson plan). Before playing the song, introduce that this unit is about colors in Spanish. Ask students to make note of any colors that they hear in the song as it plays. After the song plays, ask students to mention those colors and write them on the board for all to see. Hand out the actual lyrics to the song and work with the students to talk about the meaning of the song. It would be helpful to have the lyrics in English as well, so that some students do not grow frustrated. 2. DIRECTED (MODELED) Instruction Using the colors that were written on the board, the teacher will write some basic sentences in Spanish: La case s Blanca. El carro es blanco. La camisa es negra. El pelo es negro. La mesa es azul. El crayon es azul. Point out to the students the various word endings of the color words. Ask them why some color words change the ending from an ‘o’ to an ‘a’? Then, ask why others ,such as ‘azul’ do not change. Teach the students that there are two types of color words. There are some colors that change their word ending depending on the noun they are describing. There are other words that do not change endings. Indicate that if a color modifies a feminine noun, the color word will change the ending to an ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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