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Components of Quantitative Approach - Assignment Example

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Components of Quantitative Approach Name: Institution: Components of Quantitative Approach The three researches that this paper picked are Differentiated Instruction: The Effect on Student Achievement in an Elementary School, by Patricia Koeze, A Review of the Quantitative Research on Multigrade Instruction, by Bruce Miller, and The Impact of No Child Left behind Act on School Achievement and Accountability, by Glenn Maleyko…
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Components of Quantitative Approach
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Download file to see previous pages Findings from this research proved that there were many diverse understandings of differentiation, even for the educators who undertook professional growth in this area (Koeze, 2007). This finding confirmed that employing a mixed approach to data gathering and understanding the quantitative data through the interpretive orientation of symbolic interactionism was the suitable methodology for this research. Miller’s research, on the other hand, was meant to study the quantitative research literature concerning the effects or consequences multi-grade classroom organizations have on student cognitive, as well as affective outcomes. Miller’s study found out that being a learner in a multi-grade class neither does not unenthusiastically influence academic performance nor learner social attitudes and relationships (Miller, 1990). Finally, Maleyko’s research studies the impact of No Child Left behind Act on school achievement and accountability. According to the researcher, States have the skill of statistically manipulating their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) implementation. This may give a fake impression to people that AYP is a reliable measure of a school’s success (Maleyko, 2011). The findings from this research proved that the exploitation of the NAEP evaluation is an efficient technique to examine the reliability of AYP among states. Evaluation of the Approach In Patricia’s study, quantitative data gathering was carried as a way or means to draw broad relationships from the information. Findings from the quantitative data collected guided the researcher on the way to organize the qualitative study (Koeze, 2007). From the wide relationships revealed through quantitative findings, qualitative methods were utilized in exploring these wide relationships further and hunt for explanations, which could only be revealed by classroom interviews and observations. Such methods of collecting data make the research extremely accurate, and the findings from the research could be used to enhance elementary education. Miller’s research, unlike Patricia’s, strictly maintained a quantitative approach to come up with the findings (Miller, 1990). The researcher provided a summary of quantitative studies, which were intended to determine the distinctions in student achievement between learners registered in multi-grade and single classrooms. According to the researcher’s findings, there is minute or no distinctions in the achievements of learners enrolled in multi-grade or single classrooms. However, it is risky to follow such findings as only depending on numbers to come up with your conclusion can be dangerous. Finally, Maleyko’s research, The Impact of No Child Left behind Act on School Achievement and Accountability, uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to come up with its findings. The literature review of the research recognizes the measurement worries with the execution of AYP, the advantages of AYP, the unintentional upshots, along with the hardships involved with setting up school accountability and the efficient and unproductive provisions of the NCLB change (Maleyko, 2011). The findings could be considered valid since the research incorporated both numerical and empirical techniques to come up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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