The Effect the Outdoor Enviroment Has on Childrens Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Literature review Example

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This paper talks that children are at the best stage and age in their life for learning. In general, they absorb information quickly and openly. Their early years are filled with developmental and learning milestones which allow them to acquire new knowledge and to progress through other stages of learning. …
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The Effect the Outdoor Enviroment Has on Childrens Knowledge and Understanding of the World
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Extract of sample "The Effect the Outdoor Enviroment Has on Childrens Knowledge and Understanding of the World"

Download file to see previous pages Through exploration, they also understand how change comes about. They also learn to understand patterns, similarities, as well as differences and how things work the way they do (Ouvry, 2003). In understanding the world, designing and making are essential elements. By designing and making, they learn the construction process and tools involved, including the techniques which are needed in order to build or assemble something (Bilton, 2010). Understanding the world also includes the use of computer technology, learning how to use such technologies including the programmable toys which can support their learning process (Fairfield Children’s Centre, 2011). In relation to time, it is a unit of measurement which helps children understand the world, their past, their present, and their future. Place is also an aspect of their understanding of the world as children become more aware of the natural world and their localities, their communities, and what they may like or dislike about their environment (Fairfield Children’s Centre, 2011). Through their communities, children get a larger understanding of the world, especially as they find out about their culture, and the culture of others. Through their interactions with communities, they also learn to understand the similarities and differences in culture, beliefs, traditions, as well as practices. These elements all contribute to the children’s understanding of the world. According to Ouvry (2003) children learn to understand the world as they start to explore it, and such explorations are often best left to the children, allowing them to make their own discoveries and develop their personal...
This report focuses on the conditions of children's learning and growing. Children learn fast and effectively by doing, by using their hands and their senses to explore and understand their environment. Their progress and development in the future is based on innovation and creativeness. It is therefore crucial for children to be armed with significant and lifelong learning tools, as well as attitudes. In continuing to understand the world, it is important for children to be encouraged in their curiosity, to be assisted as they explore their ideas, and to be encouraged to try things out even if they may not work out well. The knowledge and understanding of the world is based on various elements. One of these elements relate to exploration and investigation
This paper makes a conclusion that the above literature indicates the relationship between the outside world and the children’s learning. The studies highlight the importance of allowing children to interact with the outdoors as it helps them acquire skills, knowledge, behaviour, and attitudes which can they can use in better understanding the world. Through outdoor plays and environmental interactions, they are able to gain a better understanding of their classroom instructions, applying theoretical concepts to the real world and on real time. What results is an engaged, dynamic, and diverse learning atmosphere for children who are able to understand and appreciate the world outside their classrooms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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