Action Research Using Digital Technology - Essay Example

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In today’s world, technology is being used in schooling to ensure that the students are able to capture what they are taught, and the most common technology that is being used is the digital technology which is the use of computers. …
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Action Research Using Digital Technology
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Download file to see previous pages The use of digital technology has an effect on the teaching process where the teachers ensure that they use computers to revise with the students and help them learn. The students learning at ESOL Entry level 3 Curriculum use digital technology to revise their skills and competences. The revision exercise is done in order to ensure that the students get the best out of the learning process. The ESOL learning curriculum makes the students become equipped with the process of learning, which enables them to become more competent in their day to day lives. The curriculum can also be taught using digital technology where the teachers ensure they use the computers to help the students. These can be incorporated by use of games as block busters, who wants to be a millionaire and World of War craft (WOW). The use of games makes the process of teaching and learning fun and thus the teachers together with the learners are able to get more through the use of games in learning, a process called gamification. Gamification helps in ensuring that the students find fun in learning through the use of games, which motivates them to learn more and get to correct some of the mistakes that they might be experiencing without having difficulties. The ESOL learning helps the learners understand the English language and become competent as they gain skills which enable them understand and communicate effectively with the other people. The game block buster for example, is used by the teachers to make the learning process humanistic and active. The game is used to improve the vocabulary of the learners as they use the English language on their day to day lives. The students get familiar with the language because there are lots of readings that the learners have to take in so as to ensure they get and develop the learning skills. The game has a study skill feature which helps the learners develop the strategies which help them become autonomous as they learn the language. The game has got songs which help the students enjoy the learning process through singing. This is evident as the students are able to relate the language they are learning with the songs that they sing on daily basis. These are the skills that the learners get as they continue with the process of learning and developing skills (Express Publishing, 2012). The teachers use the block buster game as a teaching tool for the English course and they get to learn the language using it. The game also enables the students to record themselves and assess their progress in learning, which is an advantage to them because they are able to know their progress in learning. The other game that is used for learning is Who Wants to be A Millionaire. This game helps the learners to answer questions which as the game progress, they become difficult. The questions asked have choices of which one of the choices is the correct one. If the learner gives the correct answer to a question asked, the pay off increases. If the answer given is incorrect, the game becomes over (Jefferson Lab, 2012). The World of War craft (WOW) game is also another tool that is used to improve the learning process of the students. This is a game that helps in the solving problems and it increases the thinking capacity of individuals. This means that as the levels of the game progress, the game becomes difficult as the speed also increases. The game is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Action Research Using Digital Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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