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Joan durrant - Essay Example

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Joan Durrant Introduction A researcher is fundamentally regarded as a scholar who reveals specific expertise or knowledge through effective experience as well as learning. The works of a researcher are to create superior quality of papers and written works relating to a particular research…
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Joan durrant
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Extract of sample "Joan durrant"

Download file to see previous pages The significant research of Durrant concentrates on various dimensions such as cultural, legal and psychological frameworks of corporal punishment of children in Canada and worldwide. Moreover, the research works of Dr. Durrant emphasizes upon prohibiting physical maltreatment of children. The research also provides an adequate support within the context of disciplinary approach that is taken into concern towards preventing the children from any sort of physical maltreatment. The studies of Durrant are applied in different parts of Canada, Sweden and Germany that provides elimination of corporal punishment of children by a significant level (University of Manitoba, 2012). The paper intends to discuss the detailed research works that conducted by Dr. Joan Durrant. Moreover, the linkage of the research of Dr. Durrant with the developmental health perspective and certain recommendations that would enhance the quality of care children will also be depicted in this paper. Explanation of the Research Conducted By Joan Durrant The dimensions relating to physical punishment or maltreatment of children have been observed from previous few years and are regarded to be an important concern in the context of international affairs. According to various researches, it has been noted that physical or corporal punishment has been raised considerably in the year 1990. The research works of Dr. ...
Moreover, it has also been viewed that the physical punishment or maltreatment of children belonging to the age group of six to nine years result increased levels of antisocial behavior with the application of different controls. In this regard, the controls may include family or socio-economic status and emotional support levels among others. The aforementioned study further indicates that physical punishment is a major factor of jeopardy for rising aggression in children that compels them to perform antisocial behaviors (Durrant & Ensom, 2012). The research works conducted by Durrant & Ensom are related to the significant aspect of child aggression. The works in the research observes connectivity between physical punishment and psychological aspects. It has been viewed that physical punishment is related with wide ranging mental health related difficulties of children, youths and adults that include sadness, grief, anxiety, use of drugs and alcohol among others. Moreover, the researchers also observed that physical punishment or maltreatment is mainly connected with mental development of children that ultimately affects in the educational development of the individuals or rather the children. From the perspective of the development of children, it has been observed that the studies relating to neuroimaging played an imperative part. In this regard, the studies linked with neuroimaging suggest that physical punishment can lessen the volume of grey matter of brain in relation to different development areas of children. It can be stated that physical punishment can cause significant changes in dopaminergic regions that are related with susceptibility towards the ill-treatment of drugs and alcohol. On the basis of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Joan Durrant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“Joan Durrant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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