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Act of Identity - Assignment Example

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Mike is a 16-year-old boy who demonstrates the use of African American Vernacular English characteristics but needs the tense and aspect system.He comes from the middle class white family and tries to learn about the complex nature of African American youth culture…
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Act of Identity
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Download file to see previous pages Whites are attracted by blacks’ cultural differences generated by mainstream social constructions despite being seen as a forbidden narrative, as well as a symbol of rebellion. He identified himself with hip-hop culture, wore baggy jeans, a reverse baseball cap, designer sneakers, as well as developing a taste to rap music. He interacted a lot with blacks and even changed the way he spoke and imitated the AAVE just like African American. Mike even criticized groups he viewed as anti-African American, such as Jews and Koreans. He even accused his mother of being racists by referring to one of his African American childhood friend as Negro (Cutler, 316). This shows how strongly he valued African Americans despite his mother’s dislike of the blacks. Moreover, he felt the name Negro was more offensive and hurting, and since he was fond of his childhood friend, he never wanted any form of hurt directed at him. He tried to associate with poverty in order to prove his authenticity to hip–hop. Therefore, by identifying with the African American culture, Mike wanted to be unique from other whites who were discriminating against the blacks. Moreover, he felt the need to socialize and study or learn the African American culture, as he wanted to lead that particular life. Mike even began using drugs and joined groups of gangs, thus making him collide with police. Another gang group broke his arms. At the age of 15, despite joining another private high school, he continued to use AAVE and hip hop terms like yo, I’ m sayin’ even though he now had modified his speech and was heading towards a better English (Cutler, 315). This showed that he used associated with the African American culture as a form of getting entertainment. Since he belonged to various African American gang groups, he intended to get friends who could help him realize his self. Therefore, he got entertained from activities of the group. Even though at one point he got injured, he never abandoned the group despite his mother’s plea. Contrastingly, despite abandoning his former lifestyle, never shed the gangster image but still get involved in violent actions and confrontations. 2) Dowdy’s mother expected them to embrace colonization in order to become successful and to up hold their uncle’s image and family status. She argued that as survivors of the long years of slavery, the only way of ensure prosperity is by adopting the British language (Dowdy 2). Moreover, Dowd’s country had many expectations from the colonists. For instance, their books had to be published by British publication houses while the best student writing had to read by foreign audiences such as General of Certificate of Education in London (Dowdy 4). The newspapers in Trinidad had to be produced in the best English in order to enable the Majesty to read despite having got independence twelve years ago. Her mother also expected them to learn ballet, take piano lessons, join choirs, and dress in the best way as per British fashion. However, the more she tried to please her mother, grandmother, and teachers, the more she got alienated from her friends and peers. Despite speaking the Queen’s language fluently, she frequently got mocked by her friends thus, making her feel lonely and in a different world from peers. For instance while my friends used Trinidadian to express their innermost thoughts and desires, she used the Queen’s language to please her family members and teacher and thus, lived in two different countries. She claims that the colonizer valued the native language for the colonized for entertainment. It underrates the colonizers language. Therefore, the successful colonized person remains in two worlds, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Act of Identity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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