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Educating High School Students About The Importance Of Contraceptives - Research Paper Example

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Many female students in high school face challenges of unplanned pregnancies. Those who are sexually active do not use protections to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). …
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Educating High School Students About The Importance Of Contraceptives
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Extract of sample "Educating High School Students About The Importance Of Contraceptives"

Download file to see previous pages Providing sexual education to high school students on the significant of using contraceptives is crucial because it is one way of maintaining their health. The health of students is essential because it will enable students to study well in schools without any health complications. Earlier pregnancy to students may lead to health risks especially to young mothers. The research study indicates that a woman is supposed to start giving birth at least when she is more than 18 years old, but about 15 million teenagers bear children when they have not yet reached the required child bearing age. This poses a health risks to them, and the risk to younger mothers is higher than the risk to the mother above 25 to 25 years. For example, the maternal mortality rate for teenagers between 13 to 16 years of age is three times higher than females in their earlier or late twenties. Distributing and educating high school students on the significant of contraceptives will reduce the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and other diseases. STDs pose dangerous threats notably to sexually active students. Most of the high school students are sexually active because of physical changes and peer group influences from their friends. Many of them do not understand the significant and the way of protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Many societies are frown on issues of premarital sex; thus most high school students may feel ashamed or embarrassed in case they make efforts of seeking help about the use of contraceptives. Therefore, increasing awareness through educating students on the significant of health reproductive and HIV/ AIDS prevention is crucial (Hartman, Monasterio, and Hwang (233). For instance, the school my introduce this programs as school curriculum or provide mass education activities at least once in a month to all students. This is vital because it will raise awareness and enable students to engage in safe sexual intercourse. Sex education on the use of contraceptives is one way through which students become aware of the problems associated with unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Distributing contraceptives such as condoms and educating students on having safe sex is vital. This is because it will enable students to make healthy sexual decisions. Many parents ignore to offer guidance and counseling or teach their teenagers on the importance of using contraceptives because of fear and believe that they will encourage sexual behaviors to their children (Bruess and Jerrold 314). However, educating teenagers on the importance of having safe sex is essential because high schools students already know about sex. For instance, the increased technological advancement especially media and Internet have exposed many teenagers to various sexual behaviors. Therefore, they know everything about sex; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Educating High School Students About The Importance Of Contraceptives Research Paper.
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