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Diversity, Equity, and Standards - Assignment Example

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Professor Topic: (Education) Diversity, Equity and Standards Education is the strategic key for empowerment and for the enjoyment of opportunities. But this seemed to be unappreciated by the Native Americans or the African-American as many of them raise complaints about racial discrimination and poor access to public schools and institution of higher learning…
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Diversity, Equity, and Standards
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Extract of sample "Diversity, Equity, and Standards"

Download file to see previous pages Some of those black Americans imbued with leadership skills struggled hard to find their place under the American system (Gilbrich, 1999). Booker T. Washington became the first African-American to attend higher education in America but endured hardships to complete his education (Gilbrich, 1999). W. E. B. DuBois was the first to gain a doctorate degree and organized the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It was Mary McCleod Bethune who started advocated that native American women should avail education for employment and opportunities (Gilbrich, 1999). In 1904, she founded the first African-American school for women in Florida which was later named as the Bethune-Cookman College (Gilbrich, 1999). The founder also later became a presidential consultant on education and racial matter under Pres. Franklin Roosevelt (Gilbrich, 1999). These humble beginning encouraged the natives to get out from their reservations to learn albeit poor effort, at that time, of the government to integrate the traditional and cultural beliefs of the tribes (Gilbrich, 1999). ...
The question of identity became a post-education concern too. As American education evolved, authorities have reconsidered the significance of providing education for native American in recognition of societal diversity and appreciation of multi-ethnic culture. The government take serious responsibility on early childhood learning program, kindergarten classes, elementary and secondary education. Scholarship is provided to American natives specially those who lacked the financial capacity to enrol for higher education. Scholarship, grants and federals student financial aid were offered for college education (Department of Education, 2012). Tribal scholarship otherwise known as local scholarship could also be availed. Many Native American nowadays are able compete with the rest of the white community in business management, in governance, in leadership, and in music or arts industry (Department of Education, 2012). State education reforms are also undertaken under the administration of President Barack Obama, the re-elected executive who hailed from the black community of Africa. But more reforms are yet to be done. Its however appreciated that although there remains some disparity in the state comparative result of the NAEP using White-Black-based data segregation (e.g. as cited in the average mathematics scale score sorted by race/ethnicity to report trends in Grade 12 of public school as of 2009) of statistics but the average difference of scale score is not quite reasonable to conclude that there is indeed racial discrimination in the access and enjoyment of education (National Center for Education Statistics, 2012; NAEP, 2012). The curriculum in elementary and high schools is subject to the budget and strategic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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