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This paper “Teaching and the Human Brain: Using Assessment and Feedback” will look at pre-assessment and post-assessment that would differentiate instruction to support a gifted classroom, how to employ feedback from these assessments to reflect upon and modify instruction within a gifted class…
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Teaching and the Human Brain: Using Assessment and Feedback
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The instructors should be willing to try new things and take risks. Teachers must also take time to assess their assignments, evaluations, and teaching strategies on a frequent basis (Tomlinson, 1999). This paper will look at pre-assessment and post-assessment that would differentiate instruction to support a gifted classroom, how to employ feedback from these assessments to reflect upon and modify instruction within a gifted class and make recommendations on how differentiated instruction would help roles of teachers, as well as how it might improve outcomes for students.  An essential component of assessment and differentiated instruction is establishing what learners already are aware of so as not to teach things learners have mastered, or employ techniques that would not be appropriate for learners. The goal of pre-assessment is to establish a learner’s understanding, skill, and knowledge before the unity being studied. Before starting a new school year, a teacher should conduct a pre-assessment by engaging the previous year’s teachers on the learner’s abilities, previous learning, and experiences. In addition, the teacher should find time to know his learners informally. These pre-assessments are employed to assist in their tutor and help every student (Caine & Caine, 1994). In addition, pre-assessments are not formal and give qualitative feedback to both instructors and learners to deal with needs in the unit and strong points. For this assignment, I will use interest inventories as a pre-assessment. I will give the interest inventory on the first day of class. I will use the oral technique to inquire about the learner’s interests, for example, music, movies, etc. A conversation with the student and the music instructor will assist the student to remain consistent or even get better in his musical exploits. The interest inventory gives the instructor the ability to be acquainted with their students, what they like in activities too, classroom, extracurricular activities, and additional leisure activities (Rogers, 2002). A post-assessment is employed after a unit to give an understanding of what the learners have learned, and continually direct instructional judgments. Post-assessment takes place when the instructor or students assess both his work and that of the students to highlight the progress of students. This occurs when both the student utilize what is being taught and learned. The student also gives feedback. Feedback gained from post-assessment helps both the teacher and student make changes, adaptations, and adjustments in what is taught and learned. I will use tests as a technique of post-assessment (Rogers, 2002). This will help adjustment of course to the ability of each gifted student. Read More
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Using Assessment and Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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