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Evaluation of Educational Programs - Essay Example

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Evaluation of Education Programmes Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Zero reject placement The following are some of the educational placements for disabled students. The first placement is the zero reject placement. This placement is where all disabled students are given appropriate and free public education…
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Evaluation of Educational Programs
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"Evaluation of Educational Programs"

Download file to see previous pages Other schools rule out students from justice system for children so as to avoid educating the students with special needs who could gain from remaining in school if these educators could have recognized the potentials and address their mental, behavioral, emotional, and development needs. Violation of the rights of students under the act of disabled individuals to get free education is an indirect effort to re-segregate schools through ruling out students based on their culture, ethnicity, linguistic traits and disabilities. It is a high time for schools which do not implement the zero reject placement to start adopting this policy. Faulty lies are not in act of disabled individuals but in systems with inadequate capacities and poor administrative skills. The disabled individual act requires all disabled students to be located in their respective district schools and make sure that they get free and suitable public education. Under this law no child should be denied public education irrespective of his or her disability. The state was to satisfy the provision of free education to the students with disabilities, giving them personalized instructions accompanied with proper supporting services allowing the disabled student to gain educationally using the instructions. These services and instruction were to meet educational regulations as provided by the state. They were to be made available at the expense of the public and be closely similar to grade levels applied in normal education. The instructions were to be formulated in agreement with the Act of disabled individual and in case educating a child in a normal classroom, the instructions were to be carefully looked into to allow a child to acquire the average marks and progress from one level to another. Additionally, the cost of educating a highly retarded student was too high because it required a lot of effort and many educational staff members; the population of highly retarded students was very small as compared with whole population of students; the educational advancement of the highly retarded students was very slow compared with other students' progress. Therefore, maximizing total satisfaction would fail following the above positions, through provision of special education to highly retarded students. Alternatively, the positions above would advise the usage of special needs funds on educating other children (Turnbull, A., Turnbull, R., & Wehmeyer, 2010). Least selective environment placement The second placement is least selective environment: this is where the disabled students should be taught by the non disabled students and should gain access to curriculum. The classrooms which contain both the non disabled and the disabled students should provide appropriate and useful environment for students who have disabilities. Moreover, normal students should know that the incapacitated learners are worthy individuals in the classrooms. It is evident that if the disabled students are involved in typical education, they can develop and learn more. A particular student with disability may be ignored from the typical curriculum due to the degree of his or her disability; the act of disabled individuals enables the student to get services whether from outside or inside the typical education. The educators' lack of capacity and will are the two things that limit them from following this principle. The act of individuals who have disabil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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