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Differentiating for Learning Profile - Essay Example

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Student: Course Name: Course Number: Differentiating for Learning Profile Instructor: Date: Differentiating for Learning Profile Question 1 Students have diverse ways of understanding content. Some like to visualize what they are taught in order to understand, others use rhythm or music to understand the content and other diverse ways (Mulligan, 2005)…
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Differentiating for Learning Profile
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Download file to see previous pages Also, other ways include verbalizing the content, creating logical understanding, kinesthetic understanding, interpersonal understanding, intrapersonal understanding and, finally, naturalizing the content (Mulligan, 2005). These are just some of the broad ways students can be grouped in classes. With regards to students who understand the content through creating rhythms, educators should encourage them to sing what they are taught or create a beat about the content (Mulligan, 2005). Also, creating cheers, jingles and humming sounds will enable a student to remember what he or she was taught. Students who understand what they are taught through verbalizing the content could be encouraged to read it, spell the content, write it and listen to content. Students who, on the other hand, understand the content through visualizing it should be offered graphic organizers, color codes, videos or charts in order to understand the content fully. Students who kinesthetically understand things should be encouraged to role-play the content (Mulligan, 2005). This is through assuming that the student is, in fact, the content being discussed. Finally, a student who understands the content through naturalizing it should label the content. They should also categorize the content and identify it (Mulligan, 2005). ...
Others speak English as a second language while some may be talented and gifted. Still others might struggle with mental, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges. It is, therefore, vital to plan a classroom that can incorporate all these types of students (Rose & Meyer, 2006). In order for educators to create a classroom that incorporates all types of students, it is essential for them to use interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. Interactive whiteboards are specially designed to engage a broad variety of learners in the learning process. Interactive whiteboards support all of the three principles and philosophies of universal learning (Rose & Meyer, 2006). Interactive whiteboards offer teachers or educators numerous ways of presenting information, to their students, using interactive images, text, video files and sound and, hence, engage a wide range of learners. Students or learners can use the same elements of the product to reveal their understanding of the content. Touch-sensitive boards particularly offer numerous options for interacting with displayed content, including finger, pen tool and other object (Rose & Meyer, 2006). Furthermore, interactive whiteboards captivate students of the digital age. This is because interactive whiteboards increase a student’s time and access to digital resources. This technique ensures that students, no matter the duration of the lesson, understand everything that is taught. This is because it offers all the techniques that diverse students use in understanding (Rose & Meyer, 2006). Furthermore, interactive whiteboards will assist students understand matters even better as it used all the techniques of teaching. Question 3 Educators recognize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Differentiating for Learning Profile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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