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When policies and laws are made on sections and aspects of the educational system, the best that analysts can do is subject the regulation or policy to critical scrutiny to come up with various positions on it, without actually trying to judge the policy as being advantageous or disadvantageous…
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The Junto Club: Ben Franklin
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THE JUNTO CLUB: BEN FRANKLIN. IX Introduction Generally, education is considered to be an inelastic service that comes with no substitute (Skeptic’s Dictionary, 2012). Because of this, when policies and laws are made on sections and aspects of the educational system, the best that analysts can do is subject the regulation or policy to critical scrutiny to come up with various positions on it, without actually trying to judge the policy as being advantageous or disadvantageous. With the Title IX also, the same trend was followed by educational and policy analysts. Because of this, there are two major sides of debaters that can be seen on the policy, without any of them claiming an absolute stand. In the following sections of the essay, the writer presents the two sides of the argument as they are portrayed by the analysts without taking any firm stand on which of the stands is an absolute right or wrong. This is certainly going to be an avenue of keeping the discussions ongoing and paving way for policy makers to continue to have room for possible amendments on the Title IX as an Educational Amendment Act. Defending View On one side of the coin are those who consider the Title IX as more pro educational than anti educational. This is because debaters in this school of thought hold the view that the Title IX really came as an Act that was going to open up the educational system to an era of fairness and open participation. In effect, they hold the view that many talents, which were vested in females were left to go untapped before the Act was pass because there was no enforcing instrument to ensure that attention was given to females. In their opinion, the American educational system is no more open and defensive for the interest of both sexes than it was before (Danielle, 2009). In a separate research thereof, these analysts found that the Title IX was successful in having a direct bearing in general enrolment in schools throughout the United Stated in its first decade of implementation (Danielle, 2009). The reason given to this development of spontaneous increase in admissions; especially for the female sex is that unlike before, the female sex now could now have a place where their talents in several aspects of education, including sports could be unearthed. Opposing View The first side or viewpoint that is held on the Title IX is that the Title IX as an Educational Amendment Act to champion the equality of involvement in educational programs in all government funded educational institutions came with more cons than pros. In effective, this school of thought looks at the Title IX as a demerit to the educational system. The major argument held by analysts in this school of thought is that the Act came as a great disservice to the male population in educational program involvement; especially in the field of sports. In a recent research for instance, it was established that over 34% of male students lost their places in educational sports projects in various schools across the country within the first decade of implementation of the Title IX (Shiels, 2009). What this means to the educational system is that the Act came in as a way of robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is to mean that the Act came in to satisfy one gender by dissatisfying the other sex. What debaters in this school of thought really suggest is for the Act to have come as a provision that could maintain the quota of males in various educational policies, whiles paving way for as many females who wanted to be included to be included in the educational provisions. In effect, the Title IX is criticized for not expanding the scope of involvement in reality but substituting others for the inclusion of others (Shiels, 2009). Again, they contend that if the Act really had an agenda of ensuring expansion, what would have been done would have been an increase in the financial quota given to schools for educational policies such as sports. But since the financial quota was maintained and yet there was expected to be equal provisions for females, what it meant was that existing males had to make way for the females. Conclusion From the discussions from the defending view and the opposing view, all that can be concluded is that the Title IX remains an instrument that should continue to be debated till an amendment would ensure that the provisions it puts forth fits all sides of the coin. In essence, there cannot be any emphatic position taken as to whether the Title IX is a pro or a con to the educational system. However, it is important to consider some of the key suggestions and recommendations that are embedded in both sides of the debate. Indeed, it is out of such a practice of meeting the demands and recommendations from both sides of the divide that government can be assured that the larger interest of the population would be met, because after all, both those who speak for and against the Title IX are citizens who are concerned about the welfare of the country’s educational system. CITED WORKS Danielle F. Angella. Elements of Contemporary Educational Reforms. Pearl Press Limited: London. 2009. Print. Shiels, Maggie. The other side of the Title IX as a policy for inclusion. BBC News, 18 February 2009. Skeptic’s Dictionary. Self-Deception. 2012. We. August 2, 2012 Read More
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The Junto Club: Ben Franklin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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