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Education Literature Questions - Assignment Example

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Reading Questions" Ref. Lytle, S.L., Cochran-Smith, M. (1990). Learning from teacher research: A working typology. Teachers College Record, 92(1), 83-104. 1) What knowledge was created? Was it an example of local knowledge, public knowledge, or both? Balancing structure and freedom, is essentially required to afford a conventional plan for conversation and also to generate prospects for students to take accountability of their skills and innovative ideas…
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Education Literature Questions
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Download file to see previous pages A well planned and methodological teaching incorporates all the relevant information and beyond. It is also thought provoking and interactive to incite thinking and application aptitude in the students. In today's' scenario where an exponential rise in technology is mounting, freedom must be given to students to come up with their thoughts and views. Such a balance between structural framework and innovative thoughts, coming out of freedom or open discussion is important not only for local knowledge but also for public knowledge. A constant interaction with the students enhances teaching skill of the teacher as well (as in the case of Crouse). 2) How was the knowledge created or generated? According to Crouse, students and teacher work together in a manner to formulate a curriculum. It is a phase of learning for both, the teacher as well as the student, where the teacher understands how to enhance skills in order to generate better understanding in students while the children enrich their understanding towards the subject. Teacher could improve teaching by being thoughtful and by finding out ways where students grasp and learn well. Appropriate teaching methodology, clear, coherent and lucid explanation generates understanding for the subject. However, in order to impart appropriate knowledge to the students it is essential that the teacher must recognize their level of understanding and awareness of students. Moreover, a psychological implication is also essential. One parameter of classroom research cannot be implemented in diverse cultural environments, as culture of the geographical region also plays an imperative role in classroom studies. Some of the developing nations do not promote interactive studies which hampers the cognitive development of the students and potential and skills of the students remain underdeveloped. The cultural background of some nations of Asia do not promote female education. Thus, females in these nations remain underprivileged and contribute little to the growth and progress of their children and hence the nation. Generating understanding, awareness and knowledge therefore, directly relates and depicts cultural predisposition which plays pivotal role in knowledge creation and generation. 3) Was it shared with other practitioners? How? Crouse appears to consider knowledge generation as both the rationale of education and theme of her own research and shared these ideas with various researchers including Marilyn Cochran-Smith (2010). With the technological advances and availability of resources, internet accessibility, awareness is generated at a rapid pace. Findings in education, research and technology could be easily shared across the world. The world is now connected and sharing information is just a click away. B. Topic:- Classroom Studies: Why it should be counted as research? Ref. Lytle, S.L., Cochran-Smith, M. (1992). Teacher research as a Way of Knowing. Harvard Educational Review,62(4), 447- 474. Classroom teaching involves direct interaction between teacher and the students, a face-to-face interaction. During this interaction the expression and explanation of the teacher is of paramount significance. The depth of knowledge of the teacher and explicit explanation needs constant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education Literature Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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