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Pupil Z Individual Observation Program - Essay Example

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Pupil Z individual observation programme – week 2 and 3 I decided to carry out a two-week individual observation programme after completing a one-week individual observation programme on Pupil Z. I decided to carry out the programme as I have observed that he preferred to explore objects with his feet (supine position) rather than his hands (supportive sitting)…
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Pupil Z Individual Observation Program
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Download file to see previous pages I decided I should then carry out the two-week observation programme. For one week, I have observed Pupil Z accessing school activities and leisure time in the supportive sitting position, stimulated by his hands while exploring items on his tray. In the second week, I prioritized opportunities for Pupil Z to access school activities and leisure time by lying on his back (supine position) and exploring his surroundings with his feet. These activities were a precursor to other motor skills (hands exploration), seeking to establish the impact these activities may have on his alertness, motivation and daily learning. Settings Pupil Z’s two-week individual observation programme started when he entered the school and it stopped when he left (9.30-3.30) each session / activity. Each session lasted about 25 minutes. Pupil Z’s am/pm snacks (2 x 30 minutes) included a 5 minute break, lunch (60 minutes plus 5-minute break), and 5-minute breaks between the sessions / activities. These breaks were not included in the total number of minutes of observation per day (200 minutes) and 1000 minutes per week. Every morning, Pupil Z had one-to-one interactions with an adult (massage). He was observed participating in class greetings, one additional group activities (e.g. sensory story, foot spa, messy play, etc.), and a self-occupation time (sensory exploration). An interval of 5 minutes was often allowed between the 25 minutes activity / sessions in order to prevent broadness and ensure that adjustments were made to fit his energy level. Every afternoon started with a self-occupation time (Little Room), followed by a sensory exploration. Next came a group activity, and the session usually ended with the whole class saying goodbye to each other. An interval of 5 minutes was allowed between activity/session. I felt it was important to provide Pupil Z with various short, repetitive, and well-cued routines (e.g. simple speech, environmental sounds, smell, body signs, etc.) in order to help him orientate in activity, to understand what is going on, as well as to build his confidence and participation. From my privies observations of Pupil Z, I have also implemented motivating stimuli and activities during the two-week observation programme in order to motivate him (Appendix, 4). I have used the school timetabling curriculum forms for key stage 2 (see Timetable 2 and 3) to present my findings. The observation gathered on the observation form, (timetabling curriculum forms) were filled in traffic lights; green, orange, red and blue (Table 2 and 3). This overall description of the alertness categories of Pupil Z was complemented in agreement with class staff, alongside example behaviour for each category where Pupil Z displayed most common behaviour during school days. Table 1 Descriptions of Pupil Z different alertness levels Alertness level Colour Description Behaviour Active, focused on the environment Green Engaged in sensory activities (e.g., listening, touching, smelling, etc.). Focused on other individuals or on materials in the classroom. Eyes open, head movements, body activity, reaching toward / for object(s), smiles, laugh and made some other types of vocalisation. Inactive, withdrawn Orange Focused on himself or without any focus. Activities are not directed to the environment. Flat posture, head down or turn ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pupil Z Individual Observation Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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