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Challenges of VET Programs in Schools - Essay Example

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Challenges of VET Programs in Schools Name Institution Course Challenges of VET Programs in Schools The education system in Australia is significantly unique. In addition to the usual curriculum of study, there is a vocational training and further education program incorporated into the education system…
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Challenges of VET Programs in Schools
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Download file to see previous pages It also offers different forms of trainings that help students fit into the job market easily. This paper will describe the vocational and training program in detail and highlight challenges that the program is facing. One may wonder how Australia arrived at a situation whereby a vocational and training program became an available option in the education system. History reveals that TAFE has been a leader in offering technical training for more than hundred years. However, tracing what it has evolved into from the 1970’s is more crucial than the entire history. Australia found 1970’s to be full of economical challenges. Its export values dropped and the country plunged into inflation and unemployment. Since the world was embracing technology so fast, people became jobless in Australia. The Sydney mechanical college had been offering technical skills that enabled people make a living before the hard times. When the economy destabilized, strategies changed. The Australian National Training Authority came into place and introduced vocational and education training in schools (VET). Students could learn different vocations alongside the curriculum and even train on workplaces. The program’s main objective was to provide the students with skills that could enable them find jobs or learn trades that could enable them make a living (Rauner, Maclean & Boreham, 2008). Vocational education and training is part of what TAFE does. Currently, TAFE has a broad range of courses. TAFE targets people of all age groups. It offers trainings to students who are completing their year12 enabling them to land jobs. Courses for such students instill them with skills that are necessary for the workplace. In addition, TAFE offers part-time courses to people who land jobs before they complete school. Other working class people need extra qualifications to get promotions and TAFE offers such. TAFE is unique and is the preferred choice because it offers nationally and internationally recognized courses at a broad range. On the hand, similar courses are available in schools approved and supported by TAFE for students who are yet to complete their year 12. It is one of the ways of ensuring a high retention rate to curb levels of dropouts. Schools offering such courses prepare students for the workplace and offer them life skills. These schools link up the students with workplace exposures. By the time of completion, students have some experience that can help them get jobs. In addition, these schools are a choice for students who cannot put up with the curriculum in the other schools. Instead of dropping out of school, they opt for TVET schools. Schools that run VET program have had their success stories over the years. They have positively influenced the society. However, such schools face several challenges. One of the challenges has its roots on the nature of the courses offered. Critics argue that students take subjects of a broad range making it difficult for them to determine their certification level. According to these schools, students complete their courses. However, keeping a track of all the courses students take becomes quite complex and this is the basis of the challenge (Maclachlan, 1994). As TAFE supports schools in offering TVET, it includes a program that requires a student to get a job and work a day weekly for several months. Students have to manage their time wisely and manage the two ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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