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Can Alligators Be Saved - Research Paper Example

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Can Alligators be saved? An alligator is a reptile that belongs to the Alligatoridae family. The two alligator species are the American alligatorand the Chinese alligator. Moreover several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains…
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Can Alligators Be Saved
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Extract of sample "Can Alligators Be Saved"

Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, the Chinese alligator is smaller in both length and weight, measuring almost two meters in length. (SREL - Alligator Brochure). Like all animals, in general and reptiles, in particular, alligators are confined to specific, respective habitats and are native only to the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. The American alligators are inhabitants of the southern part of the United States of America and all the states falling that very region. With respect to the Guinness Book of World Records, published in the year 2005, the state of Louisiana was declared as the state with the largest alligator population, in whole of America. The American alligator specie is confined to freshwaters and similar environments. They live in ponds, marshes, mangroves, lakes, swamps, rivers, streams as well as environments with a rich consistency of brine and saline. In order to survive in such environments, the alligators construct gator holes, which are made by the alligators with the use of their mouth and clearing out of vegetation by the tail, henceforth, making a trough or a depression, to survive and hibernate, when required. When a gator hole is constructed in the wetland environment, it leads to an increase in a variety of plants to grow as well as a shelter for most animals, in situation of a drought or a famine, therefore making the alligator, a significant member of the ecological cycle as well as the food pyramid. There are instances when the alligators enlarge their gator holes by digging a pendulous underneath in order to create a stealth den. This tunneling and stealth methods used may extend up to twenty feet. This is not the alligator's nest but merely a way for the reptile to survive the dry season and winters.“During the cold, dry months (October - March), Chinese alligators hunker down in caves or burrows and brumate, rather than truly hibernate -- a way that reptiles respond to cold weather.” (Saint Louis Zoo). The other type of alligators existential in the world, are the Chinese alligators. This type of alligators are residents of the Yangtze River and the adjoining valley The Chinese alligator has been declared as an endangered species and appears on the Red List issued by the International Union for Conservation as well as the World Wildlife Fund. Zoological gardens are home to more Chinese alligators than the aforementioned Yangtze River valley itself. To name a prominent few, the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, the Miami Zoo are the notable alligator sanctuaries in the global picture today. The male animals are always lesser in number and confines itself to specific duties, be it a human or any other animal, such as a lion. Respecting the traditions of the global society and popular culture, male alligators, which are massive in size remain confined to specific areas, separate from the other creatures. The smaller creatures normally remain and stay in unity. The males and females that are larger in size often play the role of the provision of defense and security to the clan and are normally the dominant and the aggressive ones. Despite having a mammoth sized body, the alligators are owners of a very slow breakdown process. They can move very fast, however for very short distances only. An alligator would always hunt down an animal which maybe inferior in size and easy to catch, however like a python or any snake, in general, an alligator needs a single bite to finish off or eat a larger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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