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Leadership and Administration in Nursing at Ohio State University - Article Example

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This article discusses a program of leadership and administration in nursing at Ohio State University. The article analyses the issues of ineffective administrative leadership who do not maintain sociological or psychological knowledge of nurse emotional needs…
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Leadership and Administration in Nursing at Ohio State University
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Administration in Nursing at Ohio State University"

Download file to see previous pages In the role of nursing administration, the leader must be concerned with turnover costs and training costs which are part of the operational budgeting process designed to secure the financial interests of the hiring organization. Job burnout caused by the conflict between administration and nursing professionals can lead to high absenteeism and even psychological syndromes that jeopardize both nurse well-being and patient care quality (Maslach, 1993; Schaufeli & Enzmann
Ohio State University recognizes that in order to create a positive organizational culture, secure the liability protection of health care organizations and business professionals, and also to ensure patient safety, management and leadership skills require refinement to improve the overall quality of health care delivery. In order to be an effective nurse practitioner or administrative professional, the competencies required to improve the socio-psychological needs of clinical staff must be identified and enhanced with contemporary students of health care.
3. Audience/Learners
Though Leadership and Administration in Nursing are intended to create more contemporary health care professionals, including students in the nursing program and business majors, the program is open to all students in the four-year undergraduate program looking to maximize their leadership and administrative proficiencies. ...
ng students in the nursing program and business majors, the program is open to all students in the four-year undergraduate program looking to maximize their leadership and administrative proficiencies. Students must have completed the program Introductory Leadership 103 in order to be eligible for the program, due to the more advanced concepts of socio-psychological understandings included in this program. A C+ average is required in the introductory leadership program to successfully qualify for credit in this program to ensure quality in curriculum delivery and student retention. Course Syllabus / Course Outline 4. Course Title: Modern Administrative Theory in Health Care Environments 5. Credit Hours and Length of Course Credit hours: 4 Course Duration: 8 weeks – CEU 60 6. Rationale The fundamental leadership and administrative theories provided in first-year management programs often focus on multiple industries, thus negating a more focused curriculum that recognizes the complexities and tangible realities of being employed in the health care industry. This course is designed to streamline administrative and leadership theory with a strict focus on case study leadership and real-life practical application of modern administration in today’s health care organization. In order to facilitate successful socio-cultural relationships with diverse health care professionals and management teams, it is necessary to be equipped with the skill set for leadership quality and competency (Cox, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 7 of pages is too much for such a question. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the depth of the issue. I’ve read all at once. Precise essay

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