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Master in Education Specialty: Annotated Bibliography - Research Paper Example

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Annotated Bibliography Name Institution Annotated Bibliography Cavanaugh, C. (2009). Effectiveness of cyber charter schools: A review of research on learnings. TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, 53(4), 28-31. Retrieved from ERIC database…
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Master in Education Specialty: Annotated Bibliography
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Extract of sample "Master in Education Specialty: Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages The value of this source must be examined together with the statistics which give clear indications of the nature of growth of cyber charter schools in the United States. For instance, the source indicates that the cyber charter schools had reached 4500 by the year 2008. This resource is important because it provides a singular demonstration of the growth of cyber schools as an indication of the growing adoption of virtual learning in schools. It might also be interpreted in light of the arguments that have argued in favor of revising the nature of learning in public schools. The source brings out some pertinent questions regarding matters of quality in comparative analyses between conventional learning and virtual learning. Essentially, this source will provide the study with relevant and current information regarding the trends of virtual learning in the United States and its possible effects to the global trends in the adoption of the system. Gabriel, T. (2011, Apr 06). More pupils are learning online, fueling debate on quality. New York Times, pp. A.1-A.1. Retrieved from This resource discussed some of the matters that have arisen in support and opposition of virtual learning. The central focus of this resource is on the aspect of quality. Some issues that have been brought into question include the sincerity of the students and the controversial matter of plagiarism. For instance, the resource cites cases where students use direct information from resources such as Wikipedia in their assignments. One of the concerns of this resource is that many students are opting for online learning yet the education system has not provided sufficient safeguards that would ensure quality and honesty in the learning process. The relevance of this resource lies in the fact that it brings out important issues that relate to learning in general and online learning in particular. The resource highlights the weak links and the point of strength in matters of virtual learning. It is comprehensive in its approach as it deals with both the strengths and challenges of the system. The source equally delves into matters of quality of education and the relevance of online learning in the reduction of costs. Policy issues are explored with particular regard to matters of teacher enrollment and the appropriateness of this system over other systems of education. Herrera, L. (2011, Jan 18). As Florida wrestles with class size, students are present, but teacher isn't. New York Times, pp. A.15-A.15. Retrieved from This source brings to attention some of the deficiencies of online learning. The resource is centered on the argument that lack of teachers in the classroom will obviously affect the matter in which students take their studies. One of the strong points in these arguments is that the replacement of the development of virtual classroom should not necessarily imply the abolition of conventional classroom. The source achieves an aspect of balance in its argument that both virtual learning and conventional classroom learning have important strengths and weaknesses in the general cognitive development of the student. The relevance of this article should be examined in light of some of the arguments that have proposed a merger between the two kinds of learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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