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Distant learning - Essay Example

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Since the 1990s, distant learning (DL) has gained an increasingly inevitable and inescapable mien. Technological advancements especially in Information Technology (IT), changing corporate behavior and globalization are some of the main factors that have pushed DL into stardom. …
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Distant learning
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Download file to see previous pages Citing the pitfalls of DL as the reason for its disbandment is a way too easy out of problems, since all artificially contrived constructs are imperfect. This kind of standpoint also betrays being derelict of pragmatism and the failure to grasp the essence of DL. It is for these same reasons that educationalists posit that even in the face of a myriad of challenges that beset DL, DL can still be improved by fusing its elements with those of traditional learning.
Statement of the problem
This discussion is to facilitate a meaningful discourse on the nature, competitive progress and the fate of the distant or virtual learning system.
Definition of Terms
On one hand, the term distant learning refers to a system of learning whereby classes get conducted by correspondence, and lectures are broadcasted through the Internet, so that the student needs not to attend a literal school or college. In order to avoid a brush with redundancy, distant learning is to be abbreviated as DL, in this discussion. Thus, DL may be synonymously referred to as distance education. For this same cause, online education is not only a facet of DL, but may also be treated as an alternative term for DL, in this discussion. Another term that are used synonymously to DL include virtual learning, though the abbreviation DL is to be chiefly used. On the other hand, traditional learning refers to conventional and long-established customs in schools and colleges, having been deemed as appropriate by the society. Another term that may be synonymously used to refer to traditional education is back-to-back basics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Distant Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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