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An Experiment through the Use of Scientific Method Name Institution Course Date Abstract Scientific method is very essential not only inside the laboratories but also in the daily existence. Conducting an experiment starts by observing a certain situation then identifying the problems from it…
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Experiment Through the Use of the Scientific Method
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An Experiment through the Use of Scientific Method Scientific method is very essential not only inside the laboratories but also in the daily existence. Conducting an experiment starts by observing a certain situation then identifying the problems from it. After identifying the problem, the observer can gather some data which can serve as a help upon formulating the hypothesis for the problem. If the pertinent information is enough, it is the time for the hypothesis to be formulated. Upon formulating the hypothesis, the observer can start to conduct his experiments and so, may accept or reject his hypothesis depending on the results of the experiment. Finally, he can now state how and why did the situation happen clearly and with supporting facts. An Experiment through the Use of Scientific Method Scientific method is a way of solving a certain problem through the use of systematic ways such as identifying the problem, gathering data, giving hypotheses and conducting experiments for the results (Collins English Dictionary, n. d.). People failed to notice that they are actually solving things through the use of scientific method. For a real life example, imagine that there is a woman who is going to a market to buy goods with her friend. Suddenly, when she reached her home, she noticed that she lost her wallet. This simple scenario requires the scientific method. The main problem that can be identified is losing the wallet. Then, upon thinking where she went and what she had done before the incident happened is actually the data gathering. The only information is when she went in the market with her friend to buy goods and when she reached home, she noticed that it was gone. The possible hypotheses for this are (1) she lost the wallet in the market while buying goods and (2) her friend stole it from her. The next move is to conduct the experiments to verify which of the hypotheses is true. She searched all throughout her house and found nothing then she asked her friend if she saw it. Her friend said that she found it while she was on her way home near the market which answers the problem. The next thing you would think is “did she really find it or did she steal it?” With this real life situation, the scientific method was visible. On the other hand, the web experiment was observed when the plant which was placed near the window leans toward it. This made the observer wonder why and how it happens and so, the problem has been identified. The observer can now gather data that are related with plants and light which will lead him to formulate his hypotheses. Some of the possible hypotheses included in the site are (1) plants like Microsoft products and (2) plants respond to the light which they need to make their food. The next step to know if the hypotheses are true is to conduct an experiment. It can be said that the observer grew three plants with a light to the left and a fan on the right. The result shows that the plant leans toward the window (left). For the observer to verify if it is really the reason behind it, he can have another experiment such as placing the plant far from the window and place a fan beside it and see if something happened. There are some theories stating that plants need light to process their food that can be gathered and so, supporting the hypothesis the observer provided. After conducting the experiment, the observer can now have the results and can discuss how and why it all happened. The plant leans to the left where there is light, differ on its right side which is the fan that can only provide air. Both experiments served as examples on how to conduct experiments with the use of scientific method on a real life situation. It is shown that while observing a situation, a person notices some concerns that search for answers (problem to be identified). After identifying those problems, one can now gather data that will help formulate the hypotheses. These hypotheses can be accepted or rejected upon conducting the different experiments. After doing the experiment, presentation of ideas and answers with supporting details/information that satisfies the hypothesis follows. References Scientific Method. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved August 03, 2012, from website: method Read More
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