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Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Early Year's Education Provision in UK - Essay Example

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Social and cultural factors affecting early year’s education provision in UK Introduction Great Britain Children’s Act asserts that every child in United Kingdom below the age of 18 has a right to education and anticipated to learn in school (Children’s Act, 2004)…
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Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Early Years Education Provision in UK
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Extract of sample "Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Early Year's Education Provision in UK"

Download file to see previous pages In practice, United Kingdom’s education system has a holistic purpose. United Kingdom’s education curriculum states that education is a conventional process in which the society intentionally channels its amassed dexterity, skills, knowledge, values and customs from one coeval to the other. Education is one of the fundamental units for an individual’s development and immiseration reduction. For the child to learn effectively, there are various factors that need to be weighed and evaluated (Hodgeson & Spours, 2008, p. 12). Children surrounded by a strong learning environment that is supportive and informative improve on their educational improvement. When considering the role of education and the desired goal and the result, it is necessary to observe where the current education system stands and the effects that have impacted upon it (Hodgeson & Spours, 2008, p. 20). Students exposed to underprivileged, and poor educational surrounding are at a high peril of a negative learning effect. United Kingdom has distinct metropolitan boroughs. Each borough has a different social set up. This paper will focus on Barking and Dagenham borough. The fact that children are particularly vulnerable makes early childhood education accomplishment a rough and tough experience. This is because there are social, cultural and economic factors that affect the provision of early childhood education. ...
In adapting to the environment, the child assimilates and accommodates the new experiences within her or himself. Social factors are the elements within the society or social environment (Pugh & Duffy, 2006, p. 25). These elements include family, locality, political system, mobility rate and the child’s relations. Barking and Dagenham borough has a high number of educational institutions and a high number of learned and affluent adults. It is one of the most developing metropolitan boroughs in the region. Barking and Dagenham borough consists of affluent families and learned adults. A family is a social unit where related people live together. It can either affect early year’s education of a child positively or negatively (Pugh & Duffy, 2006, p. 30). Relatively, a parent’s education will affect the child’s education. An affluent parent has a high consideration for education and sets academic goals for the child. The educated parent has a higher access to educational resources for the child. A child with either one of the parents as a doctor or an engineer is motivated to attain a higher education level than the parent (Pugh & Duffy, 2006, p. 38). A community with educated and learned parents, such as Barking and Dagenham community will have a higher demand for education. From this fact, we can conclude that the parent's level of education in Barking and Dagenham determines a child’s early education provision in a given society or community. The family environment affects a child’s education (Pugh & Duffy, 2006, p. 45). From various studies conducted by the not-for-profit organizations across all the boroughs, most of families are peaceful, and cases of family violence are minimal. A peaceful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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