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Why Euthanasia Should be Permitted - Essay Example

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This essay describes work “Why Euthanasia Should be Permitted”. The essay is well organized. From the start of the essay, the writer already made a strong stance on her side of the argument. She presents her thesis statement though in a negative manner instead of stating a positive statement…
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Why Euthanasia Should be Permitted
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Extract of sample "Why Euthanasia Should be Permitted"

Download file to see previous pages The language used by the writer is simple and is easily understood. The position that she wants to convey is clearly articulated. The direct mode of persuasion is used by the writer. The claim of the essay is that if a doctor is not allowed to practice euthanasia at the request of his patient, it is tantamount to violating a person’s right to die. According to the writer it is also an “economic burden and it interferes with a doctor’s job”. Furthermore, it “increases the patient’s sufferings”. The writer is trying to persuade his readers to fight for the legalization of euthanasia.The writer uses the appeal to the emotions as shown in this sentence, “If the person wishes to die, we should please him with their last wish”. This is obviously an appeal to the emotions because who in his right mind would not like to grant a dying person’s wish. Another example of an appeal to the emotions is the question raised by the writer in the concluding paragraph, “Would you like to be helped by doctors and your friends to die the way you want it or be kept in a room where you can hardly move with machines keeping you alive?”. The writer wants the readers to imagine themselves being in a situation where euthanasia is an option. On the other hand, the writer made use of logic in stating that, “The kind of quality of life is defined by the patient, not the doctor or government”. Aside from this statement, the writer hardly made use of logos because there were no facts, figures or expert testimonies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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 Credibility material: As I watched my grandmother deteriorate into her senility, slowly forgetting everyone she knew as well as the logical explanation for the tremendous pain she suffered as a result of her cancer, it became increasingly important to me to find some way of reducing her pain and suffering. The only available answer, euthanasia, was not available legally, so my grandmother was forced to die a terrible death in confused terror among strangers. She had been a strong, vibrant, intelligent woman who took tremendous pride in her family, yet we were left with this image of a terrified child lost in pain and confusion.
Thesis sentence: In exposing the various facts regarding human euthanasia and the debate surr...
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... issue of ethics in the medical arena. Within the context of the Western world, there exists varying opinions about the morality of Euthanasia and whether it should be legalized or not. The United Kingdom in particular considers Euthanasia as illegal, a homicide offense (Akinola et al, 2002). Yet in other neighboring countries, laws are much more considerate of this issue. In 2002, the Netherlands passed a euthanasia law, making it the first country in the world to decriminalized euthanasia. However, this practice is limited only to those patients with incurable conditions. Likewise, the physicians must follow strictly a set of guidelines to avoid prosecution. The same law exists now in Luxembourg and Belgium. Moreover, in Switzerland...
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Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide as Sensitive Issues That Entail Judicious Treatment

English law deems euthanasia or assisted suicide to be illegal, and it does not authorize any person to hasten the death of another individual. In the case of R v Cox, the defendant,    Dr. Cox administered a lethal dose of the drug to his patient, in order to relieve her of excruciating pain. That injection proved fatal to that patient. It was held by the court that Dr. Cox was guilty of attempted murder, and it sentenced him to a year in prison.  

However, in Airedale N.H.S. Trust v Bland, the House of Lords held that the life-supporting systems attached to the patient should be withdrawn, by the hospital. This ruling was given, with the intention of permitting the patient to die with dignity.

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Euthanasia is a choice which should be open to all in this day and age

...Topic:  Euthanasia is a choice which should be open to all in this day and age. Introduction Euthanasia is a Greek word which means “Good death” andit directs to a death with no or less pain or sufferings. To the people who support these phenomena, it is an act of compassion, mercy and kindness to a person who is undergoing pain. However, to a person who is opposing this concept, it is a murder. In General, Euthanasia can be defined as mercy killing. It is a concept which has raised many controversies and arguments among public to whether it should be made legalized .It is really difficult to analyze whether euthanasia is a suicide, murder or crime. Even though many people consider euthanasia as crime, to a person undergoing immense pain...
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...Euthanasia – an Assisted Suicide Introduction Assisted suicide is also referred to as “mercy killing.” It is defined as a form of Euthanasia, a term meaning “good death” and is used to describe a situation when a incurably ill patient is given a fatal dose of medicine, is allowed to expire without someone actively participating in the procedure such as being taken off a life support device or by resuscitation. A physicians’ participation could be to either administer a fatal cocktail of drugs with the explicit intention of ending a person’s life or by inserting a needle into the terminally ill person’s vain who then activates a lever which dispenses the lethal dose (Dyer, 2008). Doctors, philosophers and attorneys have debated...
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End of Life Issues: Euthanasia

... that supporters of euthanasia argue that “the right of a competent patient to make medical treatment decisions should include the right to request and receive death by lethal injection” (2011, par. 1). This contention was further expounded by the findings revealed by Hermsen & teh Have (2002) who indicated that autonomy of the patient, compassion and the fallibility of palliative care are valid grounds to legal the patients’ decision to end their lives, as requested. On the contrary, arguments against euthanasia emphasize that “once you open the door for killing of patients for one reason, it is nearly impossible to limit the “right” to that one circumstance” (Wisconsin Right to Life: Euthanasia, 2011, par. 24). As contented...
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... 08 March An Analysis of the Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia for Practicing Medical Professionals Introduction: The ethical aspects of euthanasia is perhaps the most debated and controversial topic in the modern day, especially in the context of the United States of America. The significance and magnitude of the issue warrants that it should be brought to the forefront of social discussions in the present day so as offer an understanding of various aspects relating to it and to gain insights into its effects on the individuals and society. While people suffer from diseases such cancer, Alzheimer’s and different types of commas on the one hand, controversies on the ethical validity of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide rage...
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The Discourse on the Legalization of Euthanasia

... century, therefore, we cannot decide that if some disease is incurable today, it will continue to be incurable tomorrow. In most cases, those who are pro-euthanasia are either paid lobbyists, control freaks, depressed, or in need to palliative care. It is evident that governments are spending fortune over medical health care every year; won’t they want to cut the spending in one form or the other? Those disabled who support and lobby for the cause should have died by now since they appear to be euthanasia enthusiast, or they are just making cash for their disability. Here, the question arises, why someone would pay to lobby for such a cause. At this point we can only guess, but what we can be sure of is that human euthanasia must...
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Euthanasia Should be Encouraged

... Euthanasia Should be Encouraged Introduction The word euthanasia can be defined in a number of ways. Keown, for example, explicates euthanasia to involve "Doctors making decisions which have the effect of shortening a patients life and that the decisions are based on the belief that the patient would be better off dead" (10). Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) are similar as both involve ending the life of patient. The decision to end a patients life is a largely debated issue. Some people are in support of euthanasia while others strongly oppose it. In most cases, these debates mainly revolve around the legal, ethical, and religious perspectives of human life. This paper explicates the reasons why euthanasia ought...
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Why Euthanasia Is Unethical

...Euthanasia affiliation Euthanasia Is Unethical Respecting life is one of the major responsibilities accorded to all humans; any effort to jeopardize this plan is often castigated and punishable. Euthanasia is not any different from any other form of killing because all types combined together life is lost at the end, several reasons exist to justify why euthanasia should not be practiced. Euthanasia is surrounded by coercion, procedural errors, a conflict of personal interest and legal dilemma in its execution. Furthermore, today many diseases are treatable due to medical and technological advancement. Encouraging euthanasia will cultivate the culture of complacence, negligence and increase in deaths from treatable conditions. Culturally...
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