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Physician Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill - Research Paper Example

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Name of author: Physician Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) and Euthanasia or Mercy killing are some of the highly controversial topics in the contemporary societies in America and in other parts of the world. Even though the major objective remains the same, PAS and Euthanasia are implemented differently…
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Physician Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill

Download file to see previous pages... On the other hand, euthanasia is a type of killing which is normally performed without taking the permission of the patient. In the case of euthanasia, the doctor kills the patient based on the instructions from the closest relatives of the patient because of the inability of the patient in taking sound decisions and conveying that decisions to the doctor. Even though PAS is legally permitted in three American states such as Oregon, Washington and Montana, euthanasia is not permitted in any of the states in America. Even though the efforts to legalize PAS in different American states have started in the first half of the twentieth century, none of those efforts found success because of various reasons. However, American courts started to allow PAS during the latter parts of the twentieth century. Oregon was the first American state which legalized PAS in 1998; followed by Washington in 2008 and Montana in 2009. This paper analyses the controversies, legal battles and different dimensions associated with PAS. “In the late 80s Dr. Jack Kevorkian built a machine that helped people to commit suicide by giving them a narcotic followed by a lethal dose of potassium chloride. This machine enables disabled suicide candidates to kill themselves at the mere touch of a button” (Jack Kevorkian). Dr. ...
Dr. Jack challenged the criminal justice system in America. The criminal justice system failed to take any actions against Dr. Jack, since he had no direct role in killing the patients. The patients themselves operated the machine and committed suicide. In other words, the doctor was responsible only for performing passive euthanasia1. “However, in 1998, Dr. Jack crossed all the limits and performed an active euthanasia2 for which the court sentenced him 10 to 25 years in prison”(Jack Kevorkian). Dr Timothy Quill also admitted that he has performed a PAS in early 1990’s in New York. His patient was a female leukaemia patient who pleaded for PAS because of her concerns about dying in pain or incompetent. After vigorous analysis of this case, the court decided not to punish Dr Timothy Quill (Gross). According to Dr. Quill, the care for dying patients is part of medical profession. In his opinion, what is important is the success of the doctor remains in how well he is able to help the patient to get rid of pain, discomfort and agony. He argued that stopping further treatment or allowing the patient to accept death in dignity has nothing to with the violation of medical ethics. The names of Karen Ann Quinlan, Terry Sciavo, and Nancy Cruzan cannot be forgotten when we analyse the cases with respect to the right to die. Karen forced to sustain her life for a longer period in ventilator care even though the hope for survival was zero percentage. Her parents asked the hospital authorities to remove ventilator care and further treatment to allow her die. However, the hospital refused to do so and the relatives of Karen approached the court. The court declared in favour of Karen’s parents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aid in dying or physician assisted suicide
This has been a great source of debate all over the world, especially in the legal, medical, and ethical fields where the practice has either received plenty of support or has been vilified as being unethical and at other times being inhuman. Others have come to take a neutral stand concerning the procedure, taking a wait and see approach to the issue because it is still one that is undergoing debate.
14 Pages(3500 words)Research Paper
Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States

The author states that one of the debates against the idea of physician-assisted suicide is because there is a belief that it will open the door to abuses. The true desires of the patient would be subverted to a system in which assisted suicide was a viable course of treatment, thus creating a pressure on patients to make use of this treatment.

10 Pages(2500 words)Research Paper
Physician Assisted Suicide
This may take the form of a physician providing a patient with information about lethal dose and sleeping pills while knowing that the prescription may lead to the patient’s death. Much as it is tragic, its proponents argue that some patients may end up deciding that death is the best option instead of undergoing such a miserable and painful experience.
8 Pages(2000 words)Research Paper
Physician-assisted suicide should be legal
Physician assisted suicide should be allowed in some instances and, therefore, legalizing the act will be vital.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Physician-Assisted Suicide: Compassionate Liberation or Murder
She has also pointed out that in 2006 the Supreme Court supported the Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law, which allows terminal patients to seek the services of PAS legally. As the name indicates, Physician-assisted suicide, or mercy killing, is the termination of life with the help of a physician.
8 Pages(2000 words)Research Paper
Physician Assisted Suicide
Those against this practice on the other hand state that it is unethical for physicians to help their patients commit suicide when they have taken the Hippocratic oath to protect and preserve the lives of their patients. Both sides of this debate have made some very pertinent arguments in support of their sides and it has been very difficult for many societies and people to come to an understanding concerning this matter.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
Physician Assisted Suicide
Behind us we leave a legacy of new generations, happy memories, and a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, in a modern era filled with warfare, criminal acts, and ever more virulent and dangerous diseases many of us may find our lives end quite differently. People are faced with realization that a diagnosed illness will end their lives every day.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
Physician Assisted Suicide
The paper answers the interesting premise as to why a person who has not been pushed to a crisis situation would still want to kill herself with such a strong-willed determination that none of her mother’s persuasive arguments serve to sway her from the staunch belief that her life is not worth living.
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Doctor-assited suicide should be legalized for the terminally ill
Although many organizations have been formed for supporting assisted suicides, but doctor-assisted suicides are still illegal in many countries of the world. However, I strongly believe that
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Physician-assisted suicide

The author states that the concept of allowing physicians to be involved in assisted suicide causes more harm than good. Physicians should aggressively respond to needs of their patients to save his or her life instead of participating in ending it. Moreover, physicians should integrate the values and principles of nursing in dealing with patients.

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