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Functional Communication: Joint Attention - Research Paper Example

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Date Functional Communication: Joint Attention Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs) refer to disorders in which a patient experiences repetitive and constrained behavior, reduced or lessened social exchange, and communication deficits…
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Functional Communication: Joint Attention
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Download file to see previous pages They are usually confused when thinking about something or when in an unfamiliar situation. As the name suggests pervasive ‘developmental’ disorder, begins early in life but is not normally identified until the child reaches the age of three, which is a critical period in the development of a child. Usually parents do not see signs of any problem until they see their child not developing as the other kids of the same age are, like not talking, walking, and responding(Hirsch, 2009). The most basic symptoms of this disorder include difficulty in understanding and using language. The child has a problem relating to the surroundings, including objects, people, and events. Not only does the patient have a problem with verbal communication, but also non-verbal communication like facial expressions, gestures, and body language are also problematic for them. The kid might play with toys and other objects in a very different way, and also experience trouble in adjusting to some changes and an unfamiliar surroundings. S/he may seem not to hear certain types of sounds, and may be very sensitive to others. The symptoms also include repetitive behavior in different situations. These repetitive movements could be spinning, clapping, hand flapping, or head banging etc. Children with pervasive personality disorders differ extensively in their capabilities, behaviors, and intellect. Some of them speak in limited phrases while others do not speak or respond at all, while some of them even have comparatively normal language development (Comprehensive Pervasive Developmental Disorder Assessment, 2009). Five types of conditions are considered pervasive developmental disorders namely; Autism, Rett’s Syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, Childhood disintegrative disorder, and Pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDDNOS). Autism is a complex developmental disability. People experiencing autism have problems with various kinds of social interactions and verbal/non-verbal communication. Children with autism experience the world and activities going around them very differently from most of the other kids. The kids having this disability find it problematic to communicate with other people and express themselves and their feelings using words. Their reaction to the activities around them maybe different and unusual. Some kind of sounds which are perfectly normal might be really bothering for an autistic individual. A normal kind of act might make them feel uncomfortable. A child with autism cannot connect with other people easily; they have trouble linking meaning of something with it. The brain of an autistic person has trouble with making sense of their surroundings as well as with various activities taking place. Rett’s Syndrome, almost found exclusively in girls, is a type of disorder in which the early developmental stage of an infant is precisely normal, but with time they stop to learn and develop skills, but then gradually they start to lose the abilities and skills. Individual with this syndrome, for example, at one stage could talk, but as they grow up, they stop communicating with others. They also lose their ability to walk properly and the movement becomes clumsy. Children with Rett’s syndrome slowly start to lose the purposeful movements of hands, for instance reaching for things, grasping with fingers, or moving or touching things on purpose. They incur coordination and balance problems and develop stereotype hand movements, like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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