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Academic Achievement Goals: Curriculum And Pedagogy - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Academic Achievement Goals: Curriculum And Pedagogy" reports that there is growing scholarly consensus that the existing gap in academic achievement could be remedied by addressing educational inequalities beyond the boundaries of curriculum and pedagogy…
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Academic Achievement Goals: Curriculum And Pedagogy
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Extract of sample "Academic Achievement Goals: Curriculum And Pedagogy"

Download file to see previous pages Various strategies have been undertaken such as increasing educational funding and legislative amendments. Programs such as the No Child Left Behind Act and the Head Start were enacted with the objective of narrowing the achievement gap. These programs aim to improve results and are explicitly discussed in many scholarly debates on race, class, and competition. The current paper leverages on a critical analysis of existing literature to underpin the link between achievement gaps in tests scores and race. The emerging facts and evidence provide the basis for generalization of the racial issues as reflected in the apprehension that Paul VI’s African American (Black) student population is not achieving on standardized tests at the same level as other racial demographics. The paper holds the argument that family and school environments contribute to the achievement gap between black and white students at the Paul VI Catholic High School. A critical investigation of existing literature reveals that the problem of educational gap presents numerous challenges to policy-makers. Many studies have examined the achievement gap between black and white students, the contributing factors and the underlying implications. The growing consensus that the achievement gap between black and white students persists even after controlling for various observable characteristics, has been contested. The researchers asserted that the gap between black and white students widens once students enter school. ...
The researchers asserted that the gap between black and white students widens once students enter school (Fryer and Levitt, 2004). The author’s main argument is that black student’s underachievement is due to attending lower quality schools. The study is robust and compares results obtained in previous randomized studies with nonrandom sample frames. In a study that examined the extent to which family wealth affected test scores among young black and white students, Conley and Yeung (2008) found little evidence that the achievement gap between black and white students could be explained by wealth disparity. The researchers used data from PSID, a longitudinal study using a sample size of 5,000 participants (Conley and Yeung, 2008). The study extended previous analyses to construct independent tests and measure the effects of wealth disparity and implications on the test score gap (Conley and Yeung, 2008). The researchers employed regression analysis to examine the relationship between family wealth and children’s test scores. The measurement of cognitive abilities included language skills, problem-solving problems and literacy levels. The researchers used two age-standardized subscales to assess the cognitive abilities; Applied Problems (AP) and Letter-Word scores (Conley and Yeung, 2008). The study demonstrated large gaps between black and white students performance even before kindergarten level. Black students scored lower than their White counterparts in both tests (Conley and Yeung, 2008). The employment of multivariate analysis improved the robustness of the study. The analysis approach makes data visualization and interpretation easy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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