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Why Do We Do School - Assignment Example

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Why Do We Do School. The initial education of children is the building block of their foundation trainings and development. It helps them develop in personality, psychology and in every aspect of grooming…
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Why Do We Do School
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the academic career, the children learn the lesson through proper curriculum and sophisticated educational planning. This paper will elaborate upon the reasons that children do school for. School Just like other educational institutions, the school is such an institution which is specifically intended for the provision of education to the students under proper instructions and directions by the teachers, the system of school is the source of formal education in most of the countries. In such systems, there is a series of schools through which the students progress and proceed in order to complete their formal education and learning process. There are varying names for these academic institutions but mostly they are known as the primary school system for those children who are young and secondary school systems for teenagers who have already passed out their primary school systems. In United States, these schools are known by various names: preschool systems for toddlers, kindergarten for the kids, and then elementary, middle, high school which upgrades to the higher levels of academic with college, university and graduate schools. Reasons for doing School The gaining of knowledge and going to school is the fundamental essential and a right for the children belonging to the modern society and nuclear families these days. Unlike the perspectives of few traditional families, doing school is the most important task in children’s life. Several reasons which define the schooling process as vital are given below: Fulfillment of the basic demands The schools of modern times are the fulfilling aspects and mirror image of the sentimental values, kinship demands, and perception of the modern day nuclear family. The postmodern era of the current world requires the children to be competent to deal with the upcoming burdens and demands of the revolutionary times. Thus, they need to be capable enough to tackle all the issues and challenges of the future (David, 2005). Ethical and Moral learning At the foundation level, the schools are needed to develop children in ethical and moral aspects. This side of the children’s personality affects their image and reputation in the society and boosts their thinking capabilities. It enables them to become better citizens and good human beings in order to survive in the social structure. It teaches them to be considerate towards their peers, family and other members of the social groups. Not only this, but the moral and ethical teachings also makes one satisfied in their innate nature. Professional requirements As soon as the children proceed from the elementary and middle school to the higher levels such as college and university, they begin thinking about their professional growth and future standards. It is the time when they need to take big decision and great commitments in context of time, work, determination and money. Moreover, the professional standards require a professional degree as it fulfills the need of advanced learning which is important for entering into the practical field (Hawaii Community Foundation, 2011). Cultural Congruence The students require an education which is culturally congruent and relevant for them. For this purpose the schools are advised to design their curriculum according to the cultural relevance for the school and college goers. Here, the schools play a part to empower the students socially, intellectually, politically and emotionally by utilizing their cultural referents to impart skills, knowledge and attitudes (Tyrone, 2001). This would help the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Do We Do School Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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