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Teachers and Ethics Responsibilities - Essay Example

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Teachers and Ethics Responsibilities Part 1: Ethical and Professional issues in the dilemma Elizabeth appears to be caught in between two choices that both bear moral aspects in this matter. She could choose to allow Trevor’s parents to intervene and permit a counseling session that could help to mould a better character in Trevor…
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Teachers and Ethics Responsibilities
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"Teachers and Ethics Responsibilities"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, this contravenes school policy, which gives the child’s parents a right to participate in such decisions. Part 2: Application of different ethical approach theories Each of the options that present themselves to Elizabeth in this situation has an ethical value if assessed using different perspectives. Choosing to proceed with counseling sessions without the parents’ consent can be validated as ethical under the consequential view. This will have a likely positive outcome, as it will eliminate Trevor’s misconduct. In addition to this, it protects him from abuse by his parents who would more likely than not exact their own means of punishment on learning about Trevor’s behavior. The fact that prior evidence indicates a sustained trend of such response from Trevor’s parents gives the ethical value of this option much substance. On the other hand, this option cannot be justified under the non-consequential view of professional ethics. This is because the very act in itself undermines the rights of Trevor’s parents to choose a suitable method of discipline for their child. There are non-consequential ethics with the second approach to inform Trevor’s parents about the stealing incident and counseling sessions. ...
The non-consequential approach The non-consequential theory evaluates the ethical nature of an action based on its value (Freakly & Burgh, 2000). The assessment of the act is on terms of what it directly implies. Certain kinds of acts are immediately dismissed as unethical and others as ethical. There is a static and clear classification in this case since there are some merits in taking the non-consequential approach to judge ethical value. One advantage of the non-consequential approach is that it preserves the importance of professional duty. In a sense, it puts a set of unchanging values that come with taking up a certain professional position forward (Preston, 2007). Allowing exceptional cases to have alternative consideration creates room for past reference in the future, which may complicate the judgment of similar cases once they arise. Another advantage is the protection of the rights and freedoms of people. In a non-consequential scenario, the rights of an individual are considered values that bear as much weight as the gain construed from seeking a positive outcome from a decision. Though the non-consequential theory has advantages of a static nature, it prevents progress on many levels. The creation of a system to uphold rights is essentially going to give precedence of such rights over social development, which would include changing the child’s behavior and changing the parents’ view on non-violent discipline. The consequential approach The consequential approach judges an action’s rightness based on the outcomes of its implementation. If the outcomes of taking an action prove to be positive, then that action is judged as right, and if it is negative, then it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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