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Evolution of Distance Education - Research Paper Example

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Evolution of distance education Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Introduction Distance education is a technique of conveying education through the utilization of teaching methods that allow communication of individuals situated a distance apart. A traditional learning setting such as a classroom is absent in this method…
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Evolution of Distance Education
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"Evolution of Distance Education"

Download file to see previous pages Reports on the same reveal it to have practiced this method of education for over 20 years. The advancement of the current technology has resulted to intensification of this practice in majority of institutions in the US. The WVU has implemented online learning sessions for delivering special education. Since the time before, mediation of the distance between students, institutions together with the respective instructors have been determined by the most current technology utilized. Therefore, this script is of profound significance, as it would efficiently describe the evolution of distance education by presenting a research plan (Ludlow & Duff, 2009). Statement of the research problem This study aims at the identification of how distance education has evolved since its initiation. A number of sources addresses the same issue but from dissimilar perspectives. The application of distance education has been exploited in different parts of the globe, and this brings about the noted variations. It is in noting the extent to which this form of education has evolved that identifying those factors necessary for such an occurrence would be easier. This study aims to reveal strategies that those involved ought to implement in enhancing efficacy required in this form of service delivery. The less developed and developing countries are deficient of the most current technology that is decidedly in use by the already developed states. These nations, especially those from Africa will be able to learn the concepts to adopt in order to initiate the distance education program. Therefore, the research question is; does enhancement in technology contribute towards the evolution of distance education? Review of the related literature The augmentation in the current technology has allowed WVU to utilize the technology aided distance education. According to a research conducted by numerous scholars, such a university has practiced distance education for more than two decades since 1980s (Ludlow & Duff, 2009). As this university initiated this process, it only endeavored to experiment whether it could work. However, their experimental attempts have resulted to the current expansive development in the use of this concept. The WVU distance education deals with offering programs on special education. The careful review of the literature designates an increase in the fraction of those enrolling in these programs each year. Additionally, it also depicts a rise in those completing such a program each academic year. During the introduction of this concept in the university, the majority of the participants were from within, but currently the participants emanate from all over the US. Moreover, the technology advancement has enabled individuals from all over the globe to participate in the distance learning activity. Literature indicates that the broadcast television; the most complicated technology of the day was used during the introduction of distance education programs. The development of courses that could be made available to students via the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is what resulted to utilization of the television (Huett et al., 2008). After these students completing the syllabus, they sat for assignments later submitted for marking via the mail. The initial use of satellite for education purposes encountered numerous challenges. For instance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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