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Making a Choice in US News Media's Top Stories - Essay Example

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This essay describes US news media’s top stories, it's current issues and how to make a choice in a variety of such stories. An understanding of the media issues, such as it's limits and roles will help the reader to regulate news media effectively.
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Making a Choice in US News Medias Top Stories
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"Making a Choice in US News Media's Top Stories"

Download file to see previous pages Each news network must present what the viewers like hearing thus, Fox presents more of Iraq success than CNN and MSNBC. This is because many of the republicans do not like stories that pertain to the Iraq war. The US media is facing blames for its lack of consistency and validity. True to mention, celebrities are what the growing generation likes to hear. There are issues that every citizen should be aware of. It is the duty of news media to present and use their time appropriately, as they present what is of essence to the citizens. The book written by Schechter Danny and Dadge David tells a story of a war that should have been presented to the citizens but instead has been abetted by what the authors refer to as the nominally “free” media. It appears that the government has power to limit what the US citizens should here. Instead of allowing for the presentation of the news, it turned to be a place of bullying of the representatives of the news media to disrupt any critical reporting. Since the administration well understood how the media operates, it put in place strategies that disrupted any counter-narrative that emerged with the aim of challenging the storyline presented by the administration. This shows how citizens are hindered from receiving stories that would be beneficial to them. As Schechter and Dadge wrote their book, the Iraq war was still in progress and believed that the coverage leaves so much that citizens can desire. The authors wish for an opportunity through a campaign to tell the truth as pertain to the war. This book shows how news media are denied the opportunity to present the truth to the citizens. The authors, in introducing their book...
Today's news media refers to all forms of mass communication ranging from television, newspapers, radio, magazines, and the internet. It is through these forms that people gain access to information and news. It is evident as times change that media plays a bigger role in the lives of people all over. As media performs these roles and technology advancing so fast, there are numerous issues surrounding the efficiency, integrity, and limits of media. An understanding of the issues will help every nation to regulate news media effectively. This essay focuses on criticizm, that the today's media faces for its inefficiency in addressing issues and failure to uphold integrity, with each type of media working tirelessly to compete effectively in the market. With the uneven distribution of technological advancement, news to citizen varies with the news network. With more concern directed to what news media refer to as “hot stories”, citizens in the US are denied access to important happenings that they should be aware of. In conclusion of this essay, the researcher used a few articles to prove that it is crucial for citizens to make right choice of news media depending on the news they would like to hear. This is because each media has its target. News media must understand that US citizen need to stay informed of local and foreign news. Therefore, addressing top stories helps in keeping citizens updated. Implementation of these issues will see the media go a long way towards realization of its goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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