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SIOP component unit - Essay Example

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SIOP Component unit Name Date SIOP Building Background: The component selected is Building Background. This is a teaching methodology, where the learner’s environment that has shaped his character and the experiences he obtained in his life activities are well integrated in the subject to be taught…
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SIOP component unit
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Extract of sample "SIOP component unit"

Download file to see previous pages In this case, the use of the right vocabularies is paramount. This is because; applying the right vocabularies, as a teaching mode ensures the learners obtains the desired understanding. The rightful use of vocabularies enhances academic excellence. This component entails the active participation of the learners in repeatedly synthesizing and applying the words learnt to ensure that they not only understand their meaning, but that they also know the words and vocabularies usability. Putting the word in different applications ensures that the learners are in a position to understand the context in which it is used better (Ajzen 1984). According to the Arizona Standards (2010), students are supposed to study both primary and secondary sources of information, analyzing and evaluating them. They should also be in a position to differentiate between the two sources. Such are the characteristics of the Building Background component of the SIOP. The strategies applicable under this component to enhance better understanding of the subject content by the learners are the substance summary strategies. According to the ELL standards for lesson plan, the students’ performance should be evaluated continuously, based on their ability to speak, read, and write. Here, the subject teacher will guide the students in reading some information regarding the subject in question. The teacher will then assist the learners in indentifying the core words and vocabularies of that piece of information. These words and vocabularies, being the substance of the topic in that subject are then applied to summarize the whole piece or topic into a few notes or paragraphs. It is through doing so, that the students will better understand the vocabularies usage in the topic, and the whole substance or content of that topic (Ajzen 1984). These strategies are well integrated with the above-mentioned component, in that the substantial words and vocabularies of a topic or piece of work are used as the basis of understanding the subject content. The strategies selected for application under this component well indicates that the learners will understand the content of their subject better, through having ample experiences and backgrounds. By indentifying the core words and vocabularies that are the substance of a reading, the learners obtain the desired experience in words and vocabularies usability, when they apply them in summarizing the content of the reading. Lesson plan: Standards: Research Skills for History according to Arizona Standards Strand 2: World History Concept 4: Building Background Topic: World History Concept 1: Research skills for history according to Arizona standards. Class: Lesson integrated to the understanding of World history well integrated to English language, through reading, writing, listening, and observing material artifacts. Date: January 27, 2012 Content Objectives: The learners will be in a position to understand and explain through oral and written modes, what world history is and the relevant research skills for history. Arizona standards objective: The learners will, by the end of the lesson, be able to analyze, evaluate and differentiate secondary from primary sources of historical information. ELL objectives The teacher should continuously asses the students language ability through the way they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(SIOP Component Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
SIOP Component Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“SIOP Component Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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